Preventing data breaches

The right way to stop data loss

  • Data breaches keep happening. Whether it’s hacking, misaddressed emails or unencrypted files, data breaches threaten all organisations.
  • The problem is getting worse. In the first half of 2017 there were more breaches than the whole of 2016.
  • EU GDPR raises the stakes. Data loss has even greater financial penalties and reputational damage.
  • Time for an holistic approach. With so many ways to lose data, an all-inclusive approach is necessary to protect all types of information.

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Secure your email communication

  • Secure the data you share. The most effective way to stop data loss is to encrypt information when you share it, whether it’s an email or a file.
  • Send it to the right people. The Egress platform can stop misaddressed emails, averting the largest risk: accidental loss.
  • Revoke access. Withdraw recipient access in real-time if they aren’t handling data appropriately.
  • Secure file sharing. The Egress platform encrypts attachments, with full control over access and no file size restrictions.

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Classify your data

  • Integrate DLP tools into everyday working. Use Egress with Office and Outlook to scan content and automatically apply classification.
  • Educate users and encourage security. Use customisable policies that help your staff understand how to treat sensitive information securely.
  • Integrate classification with email. The Egress platform can automatically recommend or force email encryption based on how attached files are classified.
  • Keep control with document tracking. Follow classified information throughout its lifecycle, even when it’s edited and shared.

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Get the complete picture with analytics

  • Auditing and reporting. Egress reporting gives you a full view of your organisation’s information sharing, including comprehensive access logs.
  • Identify the risks. Understand how people share information, identify the risks in your organisation, and take instant action.
  • Real-time intelligence. Run reports, view charts, and access detailed intelligence about your organisation’s data security.

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