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Safeguard email data

Outlook Encryption Features

Simple, secure email encryption direct from Outlook. Egress Outlook encryption lets users send secure emails with just one click, without leaving their email client. It is easy to use and protects emails from unauthorised access. Message-level, end-to-end encryption secures data in transit and once it reaches the recipient’s inbox.

Policy-based encryption. The fully customisable Egress Outlook add-in can be configured to prompt users to select encryption levels or assign encryption automatically when they draft emails that include sensitive information. This provides a safety net that helps users share data securely by email without interrupting their workflow.

Ease of use encourages adoption. To be effective security tools must be straightforward. Seamless integration between Egress and Microsoft Outlook means better email security becomes second nature.

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Why Encrypt Outlook Emails?

Protect confidential communications and prevent data breaches. Emails are the main channel of communication and data-sharing for businesses and public sector organisations. They contain valuable data that is a prime target for cybercriminals who want to sell it or use it to further attack the organisation.

Using email encryption prevents intercepted messages from being read and the data in them being compromised. It is one of the most effective actions you can take to stop your organisation from falling victim to a malicious data breach.

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How to Encrypt Outlook Emails Using Egress

Encrypting an Outlook email with Egress is easy. Simply compose the message, then select the required encryption level using the drop-down options. If your organisation has a security policy in place Egress will prompt you to choose the right encryption level or will apply it automatically based on the recipient and key words contained in the text.

Then click send. Egress encrypts the message so that it is secure in transit and when it reaches the recipient.

It’s that simple. Your email is safely sent and secure when it arrives.

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Advanced algorithm encryption. Egress secures email data at rest and in transit with AES 256-bit encryption. Recognising the importance of data residency, Egress offer flexible hosting options, with both global and local based data centres.

Government-certified secure. Egress offers the only email encryption solution certified under Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Egress is also ISO27001 compliant.

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