Flexible email security

How do you want to secure your data?

  • Everybody’s different. All organisations have specific data security requirements, often dictated by industry regulations.
  • How do you secure your data? Security takes many forms, and it is crucial to use the right data security for the way you are sharing information.
  • Want to use Transport Layer Security (TLS)? If you’re not protecting information in transit, your organisation risks data loss and failure to comply with data protection rules.
  • Want to use message-level encryption? A key priority for organisations should be protecting the sensitive data that’s shared via email, using true end-to-end encryption.

Get the best of both worlds

  • TLS can be useful. TLS is handy if you need to secure data in transit and you’re happy for recipients to get clear text emails.
  • But sometimes you need more. Often it’s not enough to secure the data in transit, you also need to encrypt the message itself.
  • Enter the Egress platform. A highly flexible and integrated set of encryption services that can be tailored to your needs, including using TLS as well as end-to-end encryption.
  • Flexible email security. Using Egress, implement message security that’s customisable, powerful and intelligent, ensuring information is secure whenever you share it, whoever you’re sharing it with.

Find out more about Egress Email and File Protection.

Egress and TLS working together

  • TLS for security in transit. TLS secures the communication channel when sending messages between organisations; vital for ensuring confidentiality and integrity.
  • Egress for end-to-end encryption. The Egress platform can employ message-level encryption to secure the message itself, and this includes providing encryption at rest. Messages can remain encrypted at the inbox level for unparalleled security and control.
  • Egress for auditing. The Egress platform witch provides a full audit log of secure message sending history, including who has attempted access, when people open the message, and whether they have tried to forward it.
  • Egress for access controls. The Egress platform provides real-time access controls for all secure messages, including the ability to revoke user access at the click of a button.

Advanced, automated secure messaging

  • Use TLS and internal encryption intelligently. Based on policies, the Egress platform can automatically select the most appropriate secure delivery method, including using both TLS and message-level encryption.
  • Ensure security with our advanced policy engine. Send one email to multiple people and the Egress policy engine can make informed decisions over how it is sent to each recipient. The email can be split, with some delivered over TLS and others using Switch message encryption.
  • Enjoy a seamless user experience. The Egress Outlook Add-in can be used to mark messages for encryption either using Egress message encryption, opportunistic TLS or both.

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