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Wednesday October 21st 2009 | 09:57

The Security Container Lives On

I was inspired to write this after reading Data Security: One of Forrester's Top 15 IT Technologies to Watch by Andrew Jaquith over at Forrester. Its always a great feeling when you read something independent to your own work that gives you that massive feeling of justification. The space that Egress Switch occupies right now is a relatively new one, because it's so new we sometimes need to take time to explain to people why they should consider a solution like Switch.

In the past the team here at Egress worked in the traditional "End Point" security industry. The focus was always to ensure that data does not leave the workstation. And when the workstation is mobile, endpoint security ensures the data is kept secure. This is where End Point security has traditionally stopped. The data security problem takes a new form when information has to leave the workstation. We talked about this concept in our recent white paper.

In the white paper we talk about how we now live in the "Information Age" meaning information has to be allowed to flow. If you put an End Point solution in place to prevent the flow, your users will either revolt or simply find a way to circumvent your restrictions in order to get the job done.

Acknowledging the fact that data is flowing in and out of your organization on a daily basis is the first step to the right solution. To us, this implies data security at the file level that travels with the information instead of being tied to infrastructure.

Switch does this by helping the user in the information sharing work flow. Rather than getting in way, it takes a positive and proactive approach. If you give your users a tool that actually makes the process of sharing information easy they will thank you for it, you don't even need to tell them it's taking care of all the security behind the scenes!

So back to Andrew's blog post; he mentions container-centric security, and this is what Switch delivers. It's the idea that the user can take a collection of data, easily package it into a mobile container (we call it a package) and then send it beyond your perimeter whilst ensuring the contents are safe, that only intended recipient can access it, is fully auditable, and best of all you can revoke all access to the container at any time!

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