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Tuesday September 25th 2018 | 17:17

The new Secure Vault: automated, effective compliance

Email is a major source of both malicious and accidental data breaches. Data is difficult to control when it’s stored and shared in emails and attachments, because to protect and control it you need to know what exists and where, and then understand its sensitivity. Nonetheless, with greater visibility over data shared inside and outside your organization, you can tighten your security procedures and stop data loss. The latest version of Egress Secure Vault, our email analytics and compliance tool, makes it easier than ever to track information flows and monitor sensitive data being shared. 

What’s new in Egress Secure Vault?

With the new version of Secure Vault you can:

Analyse emails to get meaningful statistics for GDPR compliance

New GDPR dashboards give you a fine-grained view of the personally identifiable information that’s being sent inside and outside your organization, enabling you to monitor this data and take action. The dashboards are specifically geared towards GDPR to make it even easier to maintain compliance, enabling administrators to pinpoint breach risks and conduct further investigations into organizational email activity.

Automatically create DLP rules

Manually creating and implementing individual DLP policies takes time. With our new document template feature, simple upload a document containing sensitive data, for example a contract or an invoice, and have Secure Vault automatically pick out sensitive terms to scan for in future. Track sensitive documents being sent, even if the filenames are changes or they are edited, and ensure that email encryption is in place.

Preview email attachments

To streamline searches for sensitive data in your organization’s email, you can now preview attachments within the Secure Vault system, helping you quickly find and report how sensitive data is being protected by your users.

With these features, Secure Vault gives you the tools you need to monitor risk in real-time and stop data breaches before they happen.


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