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Thursday April 6th 2017 | 17:05

What’s new in Switch Secure Workspace?

Working together securely online just got easier, thanks to new functionality in Switch Secure Workspace. Egress works continually to enhance both the security and the user-friendliness of our solutions across the Switch platform, and with Switch Secure Workspace, the usual online collaboration trade-off between reliable data protection and usability does not apply.

The biggest new feature is the Desktop Client integration that lets you securely share and collaborate from the desktop, but we’ve also added multi-factor authentication, and additional features and enhancements to the user interface. Storing, sharing and collaborating on files is simpler and more secure than ever.

Secure file storage and sharing from MS Office and the desktop

Switch Secure Workspace version 3.5.2 fully integrates with our Switch Desktop Client, enabling you to share and store files in Workspace from the desktop. The Switch Desktop Client is free to download and provides desktop email encryption and classification to users of Switch Secure Email and File Transfer and Switch Email and Document Classifier.

  • The Switch Secure Workspace Add-in lets you perform various innovative functions, including:
  • Open files from a workspace zone directly into Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Save documents to a zone from Microsoft Office
  • Save email attachments straight to a zone and add Workspace files to emails
  • Share desktop files directly with other users or upload them to a zone
  • Manage zones and folders from the desktop

As you can see, the add-in completely streamlines the uploading and sharing process, providing secure storage directly within your usual document workflows in Office and Outlook – and you can watch our webinar to view this in detail.

Multi-factor authentication via QR Code or SMS

Files stored in Switch Secure Workspace are encrypted at rest and there is powerful user management that ensures data owners always remain in control of their data. That’s not to mention the auditing and reporting tools that provide a comprehensive view of user actions. Adding to this, Switch Secure Workspace now also features multi-factor authentication via a QR code or SMS, preventing sign-in attempts by malicious outsiders and data falling into the wrong hands. Users can choose whether to receive an SMS code to their mobile device or using a QR code through apps such as Google Authenticator.

Other improvements

Continually enhancing the Switch Secure Workspace user interface helps keep users on track when sharing content and working together online, as well as educate them on new features and releases. We’ve added a What’s New? section to the Home dashboard to let users know about new functionality and how to use it. We’ve also made improvements to the email notifications users get, as well as made it easier to manage which zones users get notifications from – use the Watching / Not Watching option in a zone to change this at any time.

If you would like to see the new Workspace Office Add-in for yourself, you can watch our recorded webinar Secure collaboration from the desktop: working together while protecting sensitive data’ and a short video tutorial.

For your copy of the release notes for this version, to organise a demo or to simply get more information on Switch Secure Vault, contact the Egress Team on Alternatively, if you're interested in our Egress Secure workspace, you can purchase online (10-25 licenses) or get in touch with our accounts team if you require over 25 licenses or to discuss other Egress solutions available. 

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