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Thursday June 1st 2017 | 09:41

Importing PSTs into Switch Secure Vault just got easier

The latest release of Switch Secure Vault makes it even easier to import PST files from existing email archives, enabling admins to transfer email data to Switch Secure Vault and start running email audits and analytics straightaway.

Switch Secure Vault plays a vital role in helping organisations understand the data they are holding, keep track of how their users are securing sensitive data, and perform investigations in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

With the new EU GDPR on its way, this functionality has come just in time.

Organisations who already use Switch Secure Email and File Transfer for encrypting their emails and attachments may find that traditional archiving solutions aren’t able to effectively index and store encrypted content. The ability to comprehensively search your historic email data - whether it’s for a Freedom of Information request, an HR investigation or a data security audit - is compromised if the search cannot effectively search indexed encrypted content. Hence why Switch Secure Vault is so important for companies looking to maintain compliance when the new regulations come into force.

The fact that Switch Secure Vault 1.1 makes it even easier to import PSTs has multiple benefits.

Simplify in-house administration

IT administrators can import their own PST files, supporting the transition from legacy solutions without requiring third-party access and management of the archive files themselves. The user-friendly process provides greater flexibility, security and control over an admin’s ability to upload, index and store their organisation’s historic email content.

Get easy access to legacy data

Being able to import PSTs whenever you need to means that historic data remains easy to access and analyse. Fast indexing and comprehensive searching enables admins to understand key trends in organisational data sharing, especially to gain an impression of how their users are securing the content they send both internally and externally.

Run your own SARs and FOIs

One of the most important requirements in the upcoming EU GDPR legislation is an organisation’s ability to respond promptly to requests for personal data. The legislation gives citizens more power to submit these requests, so whether they are Subject Access Requests or Freedom Information requests, organisations need to be able to compile the important information and present it within the timescale, or risk penalties. With Switch Secure Vault you can import PST files, run your own investigations at the click of a button, and export the data immediately. Of course, the usual Switch user permissions management means that only authorised users can conduct these searches, all their user actions are logged, and they only have access to the data they need to carry out the investigation.

Maintain data security

With stored data, security is key. As with investigations into the email archive , importing historic emails into Switch Secure Vault works on a voting basis, whereby a user who wants to import data requires votes of approval from other appropriately authorised employees before proceeding. There is also a complete audit trail of all user actions and the ability for other admins to revoke permissions at any time. Imports into Switch Secure Vault are also encrypted at-rest, in whichever hosting implementation your organisation requires.

As well as watching our webinar, to find out more about how Switch Vault could help you understand your data and achieve GDPR compliance, organise a demo or set up a trial by getting in touch today!

You can also check out our useful EU GDPR factsheet for more information.

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