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Contextual machine learning and DLP that stops email data breaches before they happen

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Contextual machine learning that stops human error on email

Egress Prevent uses contextual machine learning and advanced DLP to spot when employees are about to accidentally or intentionally leak data and stop breaches before they happen. 

We inspect all email content to make sure the message body and any attachments are suitable for all recipients included. Our helpful prompts encourage data breach prevention by urging users to correct mistakes before they happen. Our advanced DLP tool can also blocking risky emails from being sent altogether. In addition, comprehensive admin reporting dashboards provide statistics to highlight security threats.

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How Egress Prevent helps

Send sensitive data to the right recipient

Egress Prevent: risk-based email securityEgress' data loss prevention solution makes sure you email the right recipients by continuously and intelligently learning your email patterns in real time, so you can stop emails going to the wrong people, prevent a security breach, and steer clear of non-compliance and financial harm.

How we do it

Contextual machine learning
Egress Prevent  uses contextual machine learning to quickly analyse historical user behaviour in the context of who they are communicating with and where, at what time, and what sensitive content they are sharing. Learn more >

Recipient domain analysis
The Egress DLP software analyses recipients for historic secure interactions and domains for authenticity and reputation to spot, and provide real-time guidance on, anomalous recipients.

Scrutiny of recipient information
We provide quantifiable risk assessments for senders by analysing historical communications with their recipients, along with geographic and system information regarding data access.

Sender history deep dive
Historical analysis of sender communications, including all recipients they have emailed in the past, allows us to flag any anomalies in behaviour and prevent emails going to the wrong recipient.

Share the right content every time

Emailing sensitive content? We’ve got you covered with data breach prevention that uses machine learning and pattern matching technologies to interrogate email content with unmatched granularity. That way, we prevent users sending the wrong content and protect your hard-earned reputation.

How we do it

Message body analysis
Scrutiny of email subject lines and message body against recipient names and domains allows us to flag anomalies and offer real-time advice to prevent data loss through users sharing the wrong information. Learn more >

In-depth attachment interrogation
Unlike other providers, we go beyond simple file name and type analysis to scan the data inside an attachment for faster identification and robust data loss prevention. Learn more >

Intelligent DLP technologies
Our data breach prevention solution overlays DLP rules with contextual machine learning to continuously learn your users' data sharing patterns with domains and recipients.

Send the right content to the right people - from anywhere

Employees are spending less time in the office, working either remotely or on the move, which places greater reliance on mobile devices. Our full infrastructural support for smart devices means that your business can keep pace with today’s demands without ever worrying about users sending emails to the wrong person or with the wrong content.

How we do it

We provide full DLP support for emails created on all mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

Gateway for mobile and OWA
Unlike other solutions that require all emails via mobile to be routed to their cloud, our cutting-edge gateway solution allows users to safely email from OWA or their mobile device without any risk of disruption to their workflows.

Intuitive workflows for mobile users
A simple workflow enables mobile users to quickly approve or reject potentially misdirected emails.

Prevent conflicts of interest

Need to restrict internal access to sensitive information for data loss prevention and to protect client confidentiality? We enable you to enforce ethical walls using contextual machine learning and advanced technology that prevents data from getting into unauthorised hands and upholds your reputation with clients.

How we do it

Contextual machine learning
Unlike with other providers, our advanced DLP contextual machine learning algorithms account for a user’s role within the organisation, meaning we can instantly spot any abnormal behaviour that might lead to a conflict of interest. Learn more >

Recipient analysis
We analyse historical sent communications in order to pinpoint whenever a sender includes any potentially abnormal recipients and might be about to breach an ethical wall.

Content analysis
Our contextual machine learning and DLP rules scrutinise the subject line, message body and even data within attachments to make sure that no sensitive data is ever wrongly sent, keeping information barriers in place. Learn more >

Minimise mistakes by engaging employees

The rise of human-activated threats to email security is making it increasingly critical for solutions to interact elegantly with user workflows. Our easy-to-navigate DLP interface has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of email fatigue and any resulting human error.

How we do it

Appropriate interactions for users
With our advanced DLP contextual machine learning, we only alert users to a potential mistake, with suitable prompts enhancing the user experience and reducing the threat of pop-up fatigue.

Real-time feedback to users
After ingesting historical email data, we’ll start providing value to users typically within 30 minutes. With an intuitive display panel, you receive instantaneous feedback within milliseconds of any recipients being added to new emails.

Native support for Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook
Our solution integrates directly with Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook, providing every user with accurate yet unobtrusive support in real time.

Stay compliant with clear admin reporting

Reporting on risks within your email network doesn’t need to be a long-winded headache. We provide administrators with quick, on-demand HTML reports that track sensitive data flows and pinpoint any threats to regulatory compliance, so your organisation can avoid non-compliance and the resulting financial penalties and damaged reputations.

How we do it

Comprehensive reporting
We provide detailed reporting on compliance with regulations and granular statistics on the number of incorrect recipients added to emails.

Pinpointing at-risk employees
Whether an employee is frequently misdirecting emails or attempting to exfiltrate sensitive information, we alert administrators to potentially abnormal behaviour and to prevent data loss and breaches.

Interactive timeline
A dedicated timeline highlights where the tool has reduced instances of insecure data sharing to potentially unknown systems.

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