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Top 10 reasons we're excited for Human Layer Security Live - and you should be too!

by Rebecca Bailey
Published on 27th Aug 2020
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On 24th September 2020, we’re hosting Human Layer Security Live – a global virtual event addressing the topic of insider data breach risk and the future of security technology in mitigating this threat.

Human Layer Security Live is the top event in 2020 that’ll help you take a deep-dive into what this really means for your organisation – and we’re really excited to explore this with you.

Here are 10 reasons why we can’t wait for the big day – and why you shouldn’t be able to either! (And if you’re not signed up, then make sure you save your spot now.)

1. Our speaker line-up includes Eric O’Neill

In 2001, Eric helped capture the most notorious spy in US history: Robert Hanssen. An expert in insider risk, Eric specialises in helping organisations identify and mitigate this threat – from the sensational to the everyday.

But don’t just take our word for it – hear from Eric himself!

2. We’re also being joined by Lisa Forte, who is an expert in helping your understand why people cause data breaches

Lisa is Partner at Red Goat Cyber Security LLP, a consultancy firm that’s dedicated to helping organisations truly overcome insider risk.

We’re looking forward to Lisa’s presentation, as she’ll be exploring why people cause data breaches – and outlining why we urgently need to change our approach when addressing insider risk. Find out more from Lisa:

3. CISOs and Security Leaders from top global brands will also be sharing their insights

The agenda for Human Layer Security Live also includes speakers from global brands, who will make sure you leave this event knowing what’s worked (and not worked!) for them in practice as they address insider data breach risk.

Confirmed speakers include Ed Amoroso, former-CISO of AT&T, and Jon Segger, Information Security Manager at Linklaters LLP. View our agenda for more information about their sessions.

4. You’ll walk away with practical advice

Our key aim for the event is to equip you with the knowledge and insights to be able to immediately start addressing insider data breach risk and email security within your own organisation. That’s why we’ll be discussing both the theoretical and the practical, and every session on our agenda will leave you with takeaways that you can map to your own business.

5. We’ll help you quantify risk

Insider data breach risk can often be difficult to quantify and measure because it’s driven by people’s unpredictable behaviours. We’re dedicated to helping you truly grasp this problem within your organisation, so that’s why we’ll spend time helping you understand ways to quantify this risk.

6. And we’ll be talking about the impact of COVID-19

We’ve all relied heavily on email to communicate during remote working as a result of COVID-19 – and with more email comes more email data breach risk.

Human Layer Security Live will explore the impact that COVID-19, remote working and digital transformation has had for your organisation.

7. You’ll get an understanding into the future of intelligent technology

We believe that security technology needs to do more to help you mitigate email breach risk. We’ll be discussing why legacy approaches to DLP have failed – and the intelligent alternatives available today that can prevent human-activated breaches before they happen.

8. We’ve got new insights to share from exclusive independent research

We’ll be sharing stats from our latest independently-conducted research on email security, which will help you understand the true scale of this breach vector.

9. It’s the last Human Layer Security event of the year!

As events start winding down for 2020, we’re excited to be bringing you the last Human Layer Security event of the year – but don’t worry, our actionable insights from the event will be immediately usable in 2020 and beyond, and we’ll be back next year bigger and better!

10. It’s free!

It’s completely free for you, your colleagues and your peers to attend.

If you’re not already signed up, you can do so here. And don’t forget to share the link with others so they can benefit from attending Human Layer Security Live too!