Tackling the insider threat

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Got that sinking feeling?

We’ve all been there. That moment when you realise you’ve sent an email to the wrong person. Email accidents lead to data loss. Data breaches accidentally caused by people inside organisations are becoming much more common. But attention is elsewhere. Even though everyone has misaddressed an email or received one not meant for them, organisations focus their energies on external data threats. The stats don’t lie. 86% of breached records in 2017 were a direct result of accidental loss.

Understand the risks

Accidents happen. Data loss caused by human error is difficult to spot, and even harder to stop. The stakes are high. Data protection regulation, especially the EU GDPR, brings urgency to the challenge of protecting against all kinds of data breaches. Predicting the unpredictable. Existing technology solutions are good at tackling run of the mill data security risks, but the insider threat is by its nature unpredictable.

How will you defeat the insider threat?

When you think about the threat that your people pose to data, think about this:

What action can you take if one of your staff accidentally misaddresses an email? What if someone spells a recipient incorrectly?Can you set up alerts to warn your staff when they are emailing an unknown or new recipient? Do you have a way to stop users accidentally sending mass emails using the To/ Cc fields instead of Bcc. To find out more about what steps you can take to protect against the insider threat, download our whitepaper today.

Egress Risk-based Protection can help users make good decisions

Risk-based Protection understands email. By analysing sharing patterns and leveraging data, we can help users avoid mistakes. Risk-based Protection prevents the accidental send. Using machine learning, we can deliver insights and improve sensitive data sharing, recommending recipients and double-checking before messages are sent. A seamless user experience. Integrating into Outlook, Risk-based Protection provides real-time, unobtrusive advice, improving decision-making and stopping data breaches.

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