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New research report recommends using third-party security tools in Office 365 deployments

by Egress
Published on 23rd Jan 2019
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Did you know that 37% of the average Office 365 deployment budget is currently spent on third-party solutions?

A recent white paper by Osterman Research has shown that while Office 365 has many benefits, its broad, one-size-fits-all approach means it leaves out many scenarios and use cases. While the authors make clear that they still recommend use of Office 365 – it still has many benefits -  they highlight specific areas where organisations may require use of additional tools, particularly those that work in highly regulated industries. Read the report here.

In fact, they point out that nearly a third of organisations surveyed are already planning on investing in additional solutions, with 37% of typical Office 365 budgets being used for investments in third-party tools. They also make the key point that organisations can actually lower the total cost of Office 365 deployments by investing in third-party tools for specific functionality.

What's in the Office 365 report?

The white paper includes many reasons for requiring third-party tools, and these include the fact that:

  • DLP policies cannot proactively flag email sending mistakes, such as addressing an email to the wrong recipient due to auto-complete errors
  • Message Recall fails if the message has already been read, if the recipient is in another Office 365 tenant, is not using Outlook, or has moved the message
  • Office 365 Message Encryption offers no post-delivery insights or reporting capabilities for the sender of the message
  • Senders cannot change the encryption status or rights after the message has been sent

Join us for a live webinar with Osterman Research

Join Egress on February 21st at 2pm GMT for a free webinar where we will discuss the findings of the report with Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research, in more detail. We will provide insight into why organizations should implement third-party tools to secure Office 365 environments, and how they can cut costs overall by using third-party solutions for enhanced security capabilities.

Attend the webinar to understand:

  • Why many Office 365 organisations find they need to invest in third-party solutions
  • Specific limitations in DLP, eDiscovery, anti-phishing and encryption capabilities
  • Why email is still the fundamental driver for Office 365 and the biggest risk surface

Register here to attend.

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