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Published on 8th Mar 2022
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In October 2021, we launched the new email-based Prevent Analytics User Experience.

What’s New?

  1. Prevent Gateway Logs - Reporting on emails that have gone via the prevent gateway.
  2. Confirm Send - Many organizations across the world are using Microsoft 365, so we’ve ensured Prevent integrates seamlessly with Outlook. Prevent Analytics accurately reports on emails that were sent via the Outlook add-in and gateway.
  3. Accurate Prompt Reporting - Reporting on advice that came via a prompt and actions taken by the user.
  4. Prompted vs. Non-Prompted Advice - Clearly distinguish between advice that was given via a prompt vs. advice via a change in the shield colour/ side panel.
  5. Data Exfiltration - Reporting on users who are attempting to exfiltrate company data.
  6. Data Detected - Highlighting emails that contain data that triggered a DLP category match (i.e., financial data). Where there was a DLP match, the DLP category of data and where the data was located on the email.
  7. Attachments - We now report on all attachments that were found in an email.
  8. Content Analysis - Reporting on users sending the wrong content to the wrong recipient. In cases where the content is sensitive information, it could lead to a serious data leak which could potentially damage the company’s reputation.

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