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Prevent email hacking and compromise

  • Business email compromise can have devastating effects. With access to a corporate mailbox, hackers use its contents in spear-phishing campaigns to dupe the victim’s colleagues and contacts into sharing confidential data or setting up fraudulent financial transactions. Often, the hacker’s first step is to gain email account credentials through an external phishing attack.
  • Stop spear phishing attacks targeting email access credentials. Egress Prevent prevents email hacking by warning users when a spear phishing attack may be in progress, before they accidentally disclose password information.
  • Protect mailbox contents from hackers. Egress Secure Email and File Transfer uses data encryption at rest and multi-factor authentication to stop hackers accessing sensitive email content, even if a mailbox has been breached.

Stop Data Loss

  • Stop sensitive data being sent to fraudulent email accounts. Spoof email accounts mimic the addresses of genuine contacts, with minor character changes that are often missed by users. Egress Prevent works in real-time using machine learning to identify email addresses that the user has not previously communicated with and alert them to the spear phishing risk before confidential data is sent.
  • Send it to the right people. The Egress platform can stop misaddressed emails, averting the largest risk: accidental loss.
  • Revoke access. Withdraw recipient access in real-time if they aren’t handling data appropriately.
  • Secure file sharing. The Egress platform encrypts attachments, with full control over access and no file size restrictions.

Secure your email communication

  • Protect mailboxes with message-level encryption. Apply encryption to email messages at rest so even if a mailbox is compromised, message content cannot be viewed by hackers. Users can choose when to encrypt messages, or policies can enforce encryption when sensitive data like financial information is detected in email content.
  • Secure your most confidential data against email hacking with multi-factor authentication. Egress lets users add extra recipient authentication measures to emails, such as an SMS one-time password. Combined with the recipient’s Egress User ID this creates multiple layers of security against email hacking.
  • Secure mailbox contents over time. Encrypted messages opened by verified recipients are re-encrypted when closed, to ensure security continuity. Attempts to access messages are logged, alerting security teams to potential mailbox compromise.

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  • Apply machine learning to email protection. Egress captures and aggregates the metadata of email interactions, such as senders, recipients and regular email groups, historically and in real-time.
  • Big data analysis constructs a network of interactions and probabilities to build up a picture of how the user typically shares data. By analysing behaviour patterns, our machine learning technology identifies when a user acts out of character – by emailing sensitive data to a new, unrecognised recipient, for example - and alerts them to the potential risk.
  • Take advantage of continuous improvement. The more data analysed by our Risk-based Protection machine learning engine, the smarter it gets, continuously raising the level of protection for confidential data in emails.

About Egress

Egress Prevent and Egress Protect combine to prevent business email compromise and combat phishing attacks. They are part of our suite of products designed to help organisations protect unstructured data against breaches and share data securely. Egress takes a people-centric approach to data security, providing tools and safeguards that integrate seamlessly with user workflows to encourage positive engagement with data protection, without affecting productivity. Our AI-powered platform uses machine learning to identify sensitive data in communications and the related breach risk. By alerting users, accidental data breaches are prevented, and information is controlled.

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