New release of Secure Workspace makes secure sharing even easier

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While data security risks and responses change over time, the one element that stays the same is the user, who needs to interact with and share the sensitive information under threat.

That’s why it’s so important that people are given effective, easy to use tools that help them completely control access to the data they are working on, without putting up barriers to collaboration.

Our latest release of Secure Workspace does just this. It builds on the functionality that organisations enjoy using every day to protect highly sensitive shared data and adds important usability tools. Whether it’s organising digital evidence files in segregated case folders or managing intellectual property for internal projects, file storage and online sharing just got easier.

Plus, by migrating to Microsoft Azure for Secure Workspace’s cloud-hosted storage backend, it just got more resilient, faster and more responsive too.

What’s in the new release?

With Secure Workspace 4.2:

  • Drag and drop files and folders 
  • Perform group actions on files and folders, like moving and deleting
  • Download multiple files at once
  • UI enhancements for easier file organisation

As well as usability enhancements, we are moving the Secure Workspace platform on to Microsoft Azure.

Secure collaboration and file sharing built on Azure

Using Azure as the backbone of our secure collaboration and file sharing platform has multiple benefits. It provides auto-scaling functionality that improves resilience and responsiveness to user needs, it means users will enjoy lightning fast uploads of large files and datasets, and it means that new features can be added quickly. This helps us accelerate our development timelines, speedily giving people the tools they need to share sensitive information effectively.

Want to talk about Secure Workspace, or any challenges you’re facing with secure file sharing and collaboration? Get in touch.

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