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Why Egress is a Great Place to Work

Egress has won four Great Places to Work UK awards in 2023
by Egress
Published on 6th Sep 2023

Egress has been a feature on Great Places to Work UK lists for a few years, being ranked in one or two categories each year which is a fantastic feat. But in 2023, we’ve been featured on four lists, making this without a doubt the best year to date. Great Places to Work is the global authority on workplace culture; they’re reviewing thousands of applications for multiple categories each year and competition surrounding workplace culture has never been higher with world-class talent at stake.  

At Egress, 78% of employees look forward to coming to work compared to the average of 54% at UK-based companies*. 73% of the Egress team feel we celebrate people who try new and better ways of doing things, regardless of the outcome. These insights show we’re on a fantastic trajectory, and with a dedicated People Team leading the charge, we’re hoping for big things in 2024. In the meantime, it’s time to pause and reflect on our accomplishments this year. 


Best Workplaces for Wellbeing – 34th in UK 

2023 marks the second year Egress featured on the Wellbeing list, and with a ranking of 34th in the UK for large organizations, we’ve solidified our spot as one of the top employers in the UK. 92% of Egress employees felt they could take time off work when they needed to, and 87% of team members felt that people care about each other. 

Our UK benefits are extremely attractive; of course there’s the pension contributions, enhanced parental leave and free breakfast, but we’re particularly proud of initiatives like Culture Club where passionate volunteers can help run company-wide campaigns, and the OnPoints values recognition platform to keep our newly reviewed values at the center of what we do. 


Best Workplaces – 50th in UK 

94% of the Egress team said that when you join the company, you’re made to feel welcome. It’s crucial from day one to offer a great place to work, and stats like this solidified our place as one of the top employers in the country. 

For the second year in a row, Egress has been recognized on the UK’s Best Workplaces list. With a dedicated approach to implementing a welcoming and supportive workplace environment, 84% of employees would say Egress is a great place to work, which is no mean feat when climbing up the Great Places to Work size categories! 


Best Workplaces for Women – 45th in UK 

We would be lost without our female employees at Egress, and the Best Workplaces for Women accreditation is a great sign that our feedback-based strategy successfully allows us to regularly do better for our people. 

With the well-received addition of eFlex, a scheme that enables employees to flexibly take up to 15 additional days of paid leave throughout the year, 92% of Egress employees reported feeling they could take time off work when they felt it necessary. The survey also saw 77% of Egress’ workforce agree that people are encouraged to balance their work life and personal life. 

A recent study** found that women are 45% more likely to leave the tech industry after a year than men, so we’re proud to retain and attract fantastic female team members. 


Best Workplaces for Tech – Top 100 in UK (unranked category) 

The tech industry has a lot of stereotypes to tackle: everyone is out for themselves, you must be fluent in coding, it’s just for young people. But as the culture at Egress is embedded into our daily work, we’re delighted to be recognized as an employer facing these issues head on and challenging stereotypes. 

86% of the Egress team feel they can be themselves at work and 78% look forward to coming to work at Egress. When tied into a recent Indeed survey*** where 89% of respondents reported work impacts their happiness at home, it’s clear that the correlation cannot be ignored. 


2023 has been the best so far at Egress for the Great Places to Work awards, and we are continually developing to become a better employer for our team. We have a lot of plans for the future of Egress, and we hope this will be evident in next year’s rankings! 


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