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Pride 2020: Recognizing Pride, LGBTQ+ rights and equality

by Egress
Published on 30th Jun 2020

We recognise that diversity makes us stronger as a company, within our teams and as individuals. At Egress, we work to create and maintain an overall culture and individual office environments where everyone is treated equally, is welcome and celebrated.

This Pride, we asked our colleagues to share their thoughts on the movement, LGBTQ+ rights and equality. Here are their responses.

Linn Foster, Agile Delivery Manager

"I'm very proud to work for a company that not only supports equality and inclusion but is taking steps to actively promote it. Earlier this month, at Egress, our LGBTQ+ employees were encouraged to use our company-wide platform to educate and raise awareness on topics such as the history of Pride, LGBTQ+ rights, being an ally, and charities and organisations that support the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to this, to show their support for the fight for equality, Egress has changed our logo across all digital platforms to include a rainbow flag and is also making a donation to a couple of LGBTQ+ charities. It can be quite stressful navigating how "safe" it is to out yourself at work but when the company you work for actively promotes inclusion and equality, it helps to create the safe space for me to truly be who I am."

Sye Watts, UX/UI Designer

“Globally at this time of year, we in the LGBTQ+ community come together to celebrate diversity and equality. We celebrate the progress we've made, and many of us use the opportunity to highlight areas of continuing struggle.

This year I'm afraid I won't be celebrating the progress we've made. It isn't enough, and seems disingenuous to those in the LGBT community who are black or other people of colour who face increased persecution while we pat ourselves on the back at the hard work we've done; not to mention that the older generation of our community who did most of the hard work fighting for the equality we so readily enjoy remain marginalised during pride events.

We celebrate our successes, but we don't celebrate the people who got us there, and we certainly don't allow the most marginalised of our community to share in that celebration.

So this pride season, I'll be educating myself further on the issues that continue to face LGBT people all over the world, with a particular focus on racism within (and targeted towards) the LGBTQ+ community.”

Jayesh Mohane, QA Lead

"It’s amazing to be part of company where everyone is treated equally regardless of where you come from, what you know and who you are. The social culture and the family environment is excellent at Egress."

Tayana Bellis, Director of Product Management

"Being a woman of colour I understand adversity, so I use my privilege as a straight person to be the best ally I can for LGBTQ+ rights because together we can make change happen. I’m proud to be part of that change here at Egress."

Malcolm Locke, CFO, on behalf of the Egress leadership team

Egress is against any form of discrimination against LGBQT+ people, racism and sexism. However, we acknowledge that, as a leadership team and across our business we can always do more to promote equality and equal opportunities.

As a gesture of its public support for the fight for equality, Egress is making a donation to UK Black Pride and Stonewall. We will donate 1% of all new subscriptions bookings in Pride Month split between the two organisations.