TLS Email Encryption

Empower users to know when it's appropriate to use TLS and when additional email security is needed.

Ensuring TLS email encryption is enabled

For TLS email encryption to work appropriately, it needs to be properly enabled by both the sender's and the recipients' organisations. But what assurances do you have that this has been done correctly?

When users send emails, they have no technical visibility that TLS email encryption has been enabled correctly by their recipients. Additionally, many organisations set their TLS policies to accept emails in plaintext when TLS isn't properly enabled, meaning there's no bounceback and data can be shared without protection. 

Alerting users to TLS protection

Our Intelligent Email Security automatically checks whether TLS is enabled by recipient domains and whether it will provide sufficient protection for sensitive data based on your organisation's security policies. 

Where TLS email encryption is suitable, we simply ensure this mechanism is used. When TLS is insufficient, we can prompt users to apply message-level encryption or automate this decision for them. Additionally, when a email includes recipients from numerous organisations, our policy engine can make informed decisions about how data is shared, splitting the email to deliver some using TLS encryption and others using message-level encryption as required. 

We do this via a seamless user experience. The Egress Outlook add-in can be used to mark messages for encryption either using Egress message encryption, opportunistic TLS or both.

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Advanced, automated secure messaging

Use TLS and internal encryption intelligently. Based on your security policies, our platform can automatically select the most appropriate secure delivery method, including using both TLS and message-level encryption.

Ensure security with our advanced policy engine. Send one email to multiple people and the Egress policy engine can make informed decisions over how it is sent to each recipient. The email can be split, with some delivered over TLS encryption and others using message encryption.

Enjoy a seamless user experience. The Egress Outlook Add-in can be used to mark messages for encryption either using Egress message encryption, opportunistic TLS or both.


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