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Digital transformation is accelerating

COVID-19 has changed the way we operate. Business resiliency and productivity demands digitalised processes, meaning greater volumes of sensitive data are shared via email and file transfer.  

This introduces risk of accidental or intentional data leakage.

Our software makes sure data shared via email is only ever sent to the right people and sensitive information is automatically protected. We also make it easy for your employees and clients to securely share large files, and we deliver comprehensive compliance reporting functionality to mitigate risk.

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Aligning productivity with security

Investment in new digital processes cannot be done at the expense of security: Customers and service users won’t tolerate new processes that can’t keep their data secure.

But adding security doesn’t have to jeopardise productivity.

We use intelligent machine learning technology to minimise disruption to your employees and their recipients, only stepping in when data is at risk of a breach. We can automate security based on your organisation’s policy, and our solutions can be used on any desktop and mobile devices.

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Digital enablement for business resiliency

We believe digital enablement is a long-term solution for your organisation. There will be no going back; we can only go forwards, into a more streamlined and highly digitalised future.

Reaping the benefits of this efficiency to truly offer cutting-edge services to your clients and users will mean delivering the highest levels of security that can robustly insure you against a data breach.

Our technology is built around a core of powerful encryption that’s been certified for use, and that keeps global enterprises and government organisations safe.

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Secure your digital transformation with Egress

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