Office 365 Email Encryption

We're the partner of choice to encrypt Office 365 emails, prevent data breaches and measure risk to ensure compliance with global regulations.

Safeguard email data

We help you migrate to Office 365 with confidence that confidential data shared via email is protected.

Our Intelligent Email Security platform overlays your Office 365 environment to bring the benefits of machine learning and powerful encryption technologies, all within an easy-to-use interface for both senders and recipients. We also provide free technical support for your recipients. 

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Intelligent Email Security for Office 365

We use contextual machine learning to analyse your employees' behaviour and prevent them from accidentally or intentionally share data with incorrect and unauthorised recipients. Our intelligent technology also determines the risk of a breach as employees use email to automate the right level of encryption, including Office 365 Message Encryption, Egress message-level encryption and TLS. 

Our email encryption is certified for use by Government and industry, and provides enhanced security features for Office 365, including email recall, and restricting recipients' actions (such as copy / paste). We also provide comprehensive auditing, reporting and risk anaylsis to ensure you remain compliant with global regulations. 

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Why encrypt Office 365 emails?

Guard against malicious email data breaches. Cloud-based email is flexible and scalable, but it is also a target for cybercriminals. As well as taking advantage of its cost and efficiency benefits, organisations must also ensure data is secure when shared via email. Encrypting emails with Egress protects messages in transit and once they reach the recipient, going beyond native Office 365 encryption to provide added assurance.

Ensure compliance. Regulated companies and organisations need to go further to protect sensitive data exchanged via email. Egress enables automated policy-based Office 365 email encryption to meet compliance requirements and prevent data breaches. Plus, full end-user auditing and analytics enable organisations to track the journey of their secure data to monitor their compliance position and meet global regulations.

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How to encrypt Office 365 emails using Egress

One click is all you need to encrypt emails in Office 365. The Egress Office 365 add-in sits seamlessly in users' email environments, so they receive enhanced email security with no added hassle. They simply compose an email and add any attachments, select the desired encryption level from the Egress drop-down, then hit send.

Make better email security second nature. The simplicity of the software encourages user adoption, creating a security-positive culture that improves your organisation’s performance on data protection and breach prevention.

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