Easy-to-use intelligent email security

We use powerful contextual machine learning and encryption technology to provide easy-to-use software that doesn’t compromise on security.

Our solutions integrate with Office 365 and Outlook, as well as being accessible on the go with free mobile apps. This means you can protect personal information in line with GDPR, overcoming the most common data breach risks of misdirected emails and data mishandling. And it’s free for your recipients to use!

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Why Egress? Learn how we help third-sector organisations make email safe to use.

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Simplifying security

We use intelligent technology to automate security and streamline authentication, simplifying the experience for your users’ and their recipients’.

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Comply with regulations

Our contextual machine learning prevents breaches and protects data as your employees use email, complying with global regulations like GDPR.

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Free for recipients

It's free for your recipients to read and send encrypted emails. We also provide free desktop and mobile apps, and free technical support.

Delivering real customer value for our customers

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Security and compliance in Office 365

We partner with third sector and non-profit organisations as they migrate to Office 365 for its cost and efficiency benefits.

Our technology provides an intelligent overlay to their Office 365 environments neutralising common but sophisticated causes of data loss and non-compliance, including misdirected emails and attachments, spear phishing, and data mishandling.

  • Send emails and attachments to the correct recipients
  • Protect personal data to comply with GDPR
  • Minimise the risk of an email breach in Office 365
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Simple email security

We know that people don't like email security tools that are difficult to use, which ultimately puts sensitive data at risk. That's why we use contextual machine learning to provide valuable insights and automate security, reducing user friction. 

We make our technology unintrusive for senders and recipients, and automate data protection based on their behaviours and advanced DLP that matches your security policy. We also use machine learning to provide a smooth recipient experience as they authenticate to access encrypted content. 

  • Contextual machine learning automates security based on individual's behaviour
  • Advanced DLP prevents data leakage without impacting users
  • Smart Authentication dynamically reduces recipient friction

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