Egress for Healthcare

Protect patients’ sensitive data

Our intelligent email security protects patient data across the UK’s public and private healthcare network.

The Egress platform enables healthcare professionals to securely share and collaborate on sensitive information, regardless of third-party access to NHSmail and NHS SFTP.

As a result, staff can focus on delivering the highest standard of care, confident that they are complying with data protection requirements, including GDPR and NHS information governance.

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Our healthcare customers

Why Egress? Intelligent human layer security that keeps your patient data secure.

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Comply with data security standards, including GDPR and the NHS's information governance mandate.

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Secure your supply chain

We help over 500 UK healthcare providers secure sensitive information shared with the NHS and their third-party supply chain.

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Underpinning NHSmail

Our intelligent security protects any email sent externally via NHSmail, ensuring patient data is never compromised.

Delivering real customer value for our customers

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HCA Healthcare

Operating across 162 hospitals globally and with over 200,000 staff, HCA treats 500,000 patients annually. Recognising the volume of sensitive patient data being shared externally via email, HCA decided to implement an end-to-end secure email solution.

HCA selected Egress to provide a solution that not only encrypts and protects patient data, but also integrates with existing infrastructure and is simple for busy medical staff to use.

  • Simple-to-use email security
  • Protects sensitive data globally
  • Delivers efficiency and cost savings
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Spire Healthcare

As one of the UK's leading private healthcare providers, Spire's employees often have to share highly confidential patient information with a range of stakeholders, including the patients themselves, other internal staff, and NHS hospitals. As an outsource partner to the NHS, it also remains significantly important that Spire meets all necessary compliance requirements.

By using Egress Protect, Spire is able to ensure that the appropriate security is applied to all patient data, and they remain in control at all times, even once an email has reached a recipient’s inbox.

  • Delivers efficiency and cost savings
  • Protect sensitive data on email, end-to-end
  • Apply appropriate security based on email content

What our customers say

”Control and auditing functionality ensures we remain compliant.”

Spire Healthcare

”Without Egress we would have had to buy at least five different security systems.”

HCA Healthcare

”Egress Protect provides our staff with easy-to-use email security for patient data.”

Healthcare RM

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