Egress for Central Government

Protecting data at the heart of UK Government

Inevitably Government agencies and departments handle and process highly sensitive data including files marked as OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE. At the same time with budgetary restrictions, the drive to digital and migration to the cloud, plus the nature of multi-agency working, the risks of data breaches are high.

Leveraging Government-certified encryption, our Intelligent Email Security platform offers full assurance that sensitive information remains protected - whether that's through the prevention of the misdirected emails or message-level encryption used in the absence of the now retired GCSX.

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Why Egress? Intelligent human layer security that protects your department and the citizens you serve

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Deliver on digital

We help you meet government efficiency and cost-saving standards, while also protecting the sensitive information you need to share.

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Enhance service delivery

Our secure email communication for public bodies, third parties and supply chain is designed to drive user adoption and efficient service delivery.

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A trusted provider

Our intelligent email security and file transfer solutions are used by many large government departments to protect highly sensitive data.

Delivering real customer value for our customers  

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Cafcass takes no chances by encrypting child data with Egress

Cafcass supports 125,000 vulnerable children each year within the family justice system. The nature of Cafcass' work means they often deal with sensitive information that should only be read by authorised recipients.

The fact that Egress Protect is the only email encryption product to be certified by UK Government gave Cafcass considerable confidence in the solution. In addition, the system's ease of use simplified user adoption across Cafcass' network.

  • Government assured security
  • Easy-to-use for senders and recipients
  • Protects data across government

What our customers say

”Egress Protect is the only email encryption product certified by UK Government.”


”Egress integrates with MS Outlook so staff can access Government-certified technology at the click of a button.”

Civil Aviation Authority

”Egress has helped improve efficiency as well as maintain the highest levels of security in our organisation.”

National Archives

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