The Intelligent Security Platform

A scalable, extensible platform protects against new and evolving inbound and outbound threats.

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Power of the platform

Architected to support productivity and collaboration platforms, focus today is on the number one threat vector, email, with support extending to other vectors as new threats emerge.

Reduce the burden of administration

Policy, analytics engines, and M-SOAR reduce time to protection and mean time to respond and remediate.

Protect against data breaches

Contextual content and behavior analysis engines detect sophisticated inbound threats and accidental and malicious information leaks.

Empower users and reduce friction

Dynamic user engagement technologies warn users only when high risk is evident by engaging them at the point of risk.

Tech 1

Policy, analytics engines, and M-SOAR

Self-learning detection technologies require minimal policy configuration and ongoing maintenance.

Reporting, analytics, incident response and remediation tools enable IT administrators and security analysts to execute their high-priority tasks.

Egress services are rapidly commissioned on to the Intelligent Email Security platform to reduce time to protection and value.

Zero-configuration, self-learning DLP is augmented with fully managed rules-based DLP policies to meet customer specific use cases, such as enforcement of encryption policies.

Reports the potential data breaches Egress has prevented to demonstrate your return on investment.

Correlates and reports multiple sources of risk by tracking user interaction with Egress advice and warnings.

Enables detailed analysis of threats to identify your most impersonated, highly targeted and high-risk users who might benefit from additional security awareness training.

Email security orchestration, automation and response (M-SOAR) tools enable rapid incident investigation, response and remediation.

Tech 2

Contextual content and behavior analysis

A combination of intelligent technologies continuously inspects inbound and outbound email traffic.

Outputs are enriched with threat intelligence and augmented with targeted DLP policies to provide highly accurate detection of inbound and outbound threats.

Detects phishing, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), impersonation and supply chain attacks that have evaded existing security, early in the kill chain.

Detects intentional and malicious data exfiltration attempts and human error events, including misaddressed emails, incorrectly attached files and large recipient lists.

Social graph and machine learning determine normal sender and recipient behaviors and identify anomalies that could be indicative of an attack or human error.

Linguistic analysis identifies anomalous content in outbound emails and language indicative of social engineering attacks in inbound emails.

All inbound emails are considered dangerous until proven otherwise, regardless of social graph trust levels, enabling highly accurate detection of supply chain attacks.

DLP policies are enforced to meet customer specific use cases, such as enforcing encryption policy based on email content or third-party classification tools.

Tech 3

Dynamic user engagement

User friction is introduced only when a security event is imminent, at the point of risk, for example, when a user is about to fall for a phish or send a misaddressed email.

A mobile app and Outlook plugin provide a range of user controls to ensure maximum security with no loss of productivity, for today’s highly mobile workforce.

Users are engaged with contextual, color-coded warning banners embedded in phishing emails.

Warning banners and prompts at the time of send prevent users making mistakes that could result in sensitive data loss or credential theft.

Clickable warnings and prompts deliver help and advice, at the point of risk, to empower users and help them make the correct decision.

Real-time teachable moments reinforce awareness training in “real-life” situations to help change behaviors positively.

Empowered users report threats that are automatically triaged and manually analyzed, in the Egress SOC, to create intelligence and improve detection accuracy.

Mobile app support, simple classification and post-send controls make secure, certified email encryption simple for all users.


From 110 reviews on Gartner® Peer Insights™ for Email Security as of March 23, 2023.

Simplify and optimize your email security architecture.

At Egress we partner with industry-leading hosting, delivery, application and integration platforms to ensure our customers experience a seamless, highly flexible service.

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Egress Intelligent Email Security

Inbound threat protection
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Egress Defend

Protects against advanced phishing threats.
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Outbound threat protection
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Egress Prevent

Protects against accidental and malicious data loss.
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Egress Protect

Secure, certified end-to-end email encryption.
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