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December 7, 2022 | 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT
Levelling up Your Law Firm Against Advanced Phishing Threats

Join our panel of experts who will analyze today’s threat landscape and highlight steps law firms can take to protect their people from phishing attacks.

December 8, 2022 | 11:00 ET / 16:00 GMT
Today’s email threat landscape and why security is failing you

This webinar will dig into the new threats out there, and how to overcome some of the more traditional approaches.

On-Demand: Phishing Webinars

Hacker Toolkit Webinar Thumb
Aug 2022
Turning a Hacker’s Toolkit Against Them

Join Egress’ VP of Intelligence, Jack Chapman and Senior Director of Global Market Strategy, Duncan Mills, as they present the findings from their latest research into the tools that support the early stages of an attack.

Webinar Ransomware Today
Jul 2021
Why ransomware is a global threat to your organization

Watch this fireside chat now and learn why and how ransomware is the global threat to your organization, the key drivers for the surge in cybercrime, and new approaches and advanced technologies that mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks.

Webinar Phishing Covid
Apr 2020
Stopping spear phishing during COVID-19

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why spear phishing attacks are currently on the rise and how Egress can protect your employees from spear phishing attacks.

Webinar Thumb SME Combat Phishing
Nov 2021
How Smaller Enterprises Can Combat Phishing Attacks

The bad guys are getting smarter, using much more sophisticated techniques to exploit and do harm to your organization. Secure Email Gateways and other traditional email security solutions can’t keep up, leaving your people vulnerable to their next attack. What's even more concerning? Small enterprises are at a higher risk of phishing attacks. Join Egress' Jack Chapman as he discusses how to stop inbound email attacks and empower employees to become security advocates.

Webinar Thumb Forrester Best Practices Phishing
Jan 2022
Egress Webinar featuring Forrester: Best practices in phishing prevention

Forrester's VP and Research Director is joined by Egress cyber security industry veterans Steve Malone and Duncan Mills to discuss recent phishing trends and how Egress’ cloud-native, API-enabled email security (CAPES) complements the native security provided by email platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Webinar Thumb Cybersecurity Threats Everchanging World
Mar 2022
What Cybersecurity Threats Do Organizations Face in Today’s Everchanging World?

In this webinar, we’ll deep dive into Egress’ latest research to look at the ways in which organizations are vulnerable to attacks and the impacts phishing has. Using this research, we’ll also examine the role of traditional perimeter defenses in an ever-expanding Microsoft 365 world and look at how you can use integrated cloud email security to better protect your organization.

On-Demand: Microsoft Webinars

Webinar Thumb Layer Email Security
Sep 2021
How to layer your email security in Microsoft 365 for maximum protection

Hear from Ryan Daws, Editor at TechForge, Rob Hornbuckle, CISO - Chief Information Security Officer at Allegiant, and Jamie Davies, Sales Director at Egress, on how to layer your email security in Microsoft 365 for maximum protection.

Sapphire Logo
Aug 2020
Solving your #1 risk in Office 365

Watch this session where we discuss the risk of email data breaches in Office 365, why and how their employees put sensitive data at risk when using email, and how machine learning can prevent these incidents and protect shared data.

Webinar Osterman Solutions O365
Feb 2019
Osterman Research: Why your company needs third-party solutions for Office 365

Join Egress as we discuss the findings of the report with Michael Osterman from Osterman Research. We will provide insight into why organizations should implement third-party tools to secure Office 365 environments, and how they can cut costs overall by using third-party solutions for enhanced security capabilities.

On-Demand: Email Security Webinars

Why Do We Still See Email Security As Only A Perimeter Problem 365X205 17Kb
May 2021
Why do we still see email security as only a perimeter problem?

How are information security leaders adapting to the increased insider risk from the increase in outbound traffic with remote working?

Essential Encryption And The Intersection Between Privacy Security And Data Access 365X195
Mar 2021
Essential Encryption and the Intersection Between Privacy, Security and Data Access

With the work from home era fully in place, organisations are using encryption as a critical tool to safeguard data against continued cyber threats from hackers and criminal organisations. But what are the limitations, and how do you find the balance between privacy, security and data access?

Screenshot 2022 05 27 At 14 01 47 395X221 21Kb
Jan 2021
Embracing intelligent email security at Robert Walters Group

Watch this webinar to hear how leading recruitment agency Robert Walters Group has taken a new approach to tackling this insider risk with Egress Intelligent Email Security alongside sep2’s cybersecurity expertise.

Overcoming Human Error In Email Sec
Dec 2020
Overcoming human error in email security

UKA Live has invited a panel of security experts to explore the changing risks to sensitive data and the urgent requirement to put people first - for intelligent email security to mitigate risks and empower people to work efficiently and securely.

Outbound Email And Non Malicious Insiders 365X203 21Kb
Nov 2020
Outbound email and non-malicious insiders: Reducing the risk of data loss and information security incidents

In this short webinar, information security leaders will discuss encouraging cultural change to improve communication from their remote colleagues of potential security incidents; how they are adapting their training and discipline to reduce the risk from increased outbound email; and best-practice in identifying the non-malicious and non-accidental insider.

Preventing Email Data Breaches Local Auhtority 395X222 27Kb
Aug 2020
Preventing email data breaches in UK local authorities – Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council

Ryan and Sudeep look at streamlining security and communications under a platform approach that can create and support secure networks between local authorities and their third parties, including facilitating new work processes during COVID-19. They also address how intelligent technology that mitigates risk in Office 365 enhances business resilience.

Egress Webinar Featuring Forrester 395X222 15Kb
Mar 2022
Egress webinar featuring Forrester: Preventing today’s email-borne security threats

Join guest speakers Joseph Blankenship, VP, and Research Director at Forrester and Claire O’Malley, Researcher at Forrester, and Sudeep Venkatesh, Chief Product Officer at Egress, as they discuss today’s email-borne data security risks, address why they happen, and explore the real role technology has in mitigating them.

Hands Laptop Email Security 555X300 44Kb
Dec 2020
Putting People First: Overcoming Human Error in Email Security

In this webinar, a panel of security experts will explore the changing risks to sensitive data and the urgent requirement for intelligent email security to mitigate risks and empower people to work efficiently and securely.

Solving Housing Association S 1 Security Risk 365X195 23Kb
Jul 2020
Solving housing associations’ top security risk

Watch this webinar to hear from Egress’ Sales Manager, Jamie Davies and Chess’ Sales Director, Jez Turner as they discuss the email-borne threats housing associations face, why and how employees put sensitive data at risk, and how machine learning can prevent email data breaches and protect shared data.

Hands Laptop Email Security 555X300 44Kb
Sep 2020
Solving the #1 security risk in your business

How can CISOs and their security teams ensure employees send the right email to the right recipients, with the right level of security, while maintaining efficiency during remote working?

Safeguarding Customer Confidence Taking Email Security 395X221 32Kb
Oct 2020
Safeguarding customer confidence: Taking email security beyond GDPR at Envision Pharma Group

Hear from Paul Wilkins, Global Head of IT at Envision Pharma, and Rebecca Bailey, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager at Egress as they discuss the inherent risks caused by people using email, limitations in legacy approaches, and the role of intelligent technology that uses contextual machine learning to mitigate security breaches.

Why Email Encryption Matters More When You Re Working Remotely 395X222 28Kb
Apr 2020
Why email encryption matters more when you’re working remotely

Organizations globally are currently experiencing increased numbers of spear phishing emails, as cybercriminals try to take advantage of workplace disruption and heightened anxiety during the pandemic.

Three Ways Your Email Security Will Affect Your Compliance With Ccpa 395X221 16Kb
Oct 2019
Three ways your email security will affect your compliance with CCPA

In this webinar, Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research, will presents key findings from the latest research into the state of organizational compliance, just two months ahead of enforcement. These findings include the successes and challenges organizations experience when satisfying compliance, lessons from GDPR, and the buy-in information security professionals believe they’ve received from their wider business.

Egress Digital Connect Understanding Email Security 395X221 28Kb
Oct 2019
Understanding email security in 2019

Gartner published its ‘Market Guide for Email Security’ in June 2019. In it, Gartner explores how large-scale migration to cloud email platforms (primarily O365) has necessitated a strategic shift in security.

The Next Generation Of Email Protection Egress Risk Based Protection 395X221 23Kb
Mar 2019
The next-generation of email protection: Egress Risk-based Protection

Join Egress for this webinar to understand how our new technology can provide a measurable decrease in the risk of a data breach by applying appropriate protection to an email and its attachments.

Securing Email After Gcsx Retirement 395X220 24Kb
Feb 2019
Securing email after GCSX retirement

You’ll learn more about the benefits of replacing GCSX with Egress, which enables government entities to maintain the highest assurance and security levels while benefiting from the cost and efficiency savings of moving to public cloud.

On-Demand: Human Layer Security Webinars

Apr 2021
Anatomy of insider risk in 2021

2020 changed the way we work forever – and organisations now find themselves planning for a shift to large-scale flexible working. As a result, insider risk has moved from the defined home territory of offices, to an ever-changing combination of locations.

Apr 2021
Threats of the future: Predicting and mitigating the next wave of insider risk

Insider risk is an ever-changing paradigm, with organisations needing to predict and adapt to emerging threats. In this session, we’ll examine the insider threat landscape and the future direction of risk, providing practical advice and guidance for mitigation strategies.

Apr 2021
Data-driven security: Using machine learning in the battle against breaches

Static DLP technologies and have failed to stop insider data breaches because they’re unable to anticipate that people’s behaviour changes and detect when it does. Instead, organisations are implementing intelligent technologies, including contextual machine learning, to empower people to work productively without risk. Join this session to get an up-close view of this data-driven approach to security.

Apr 2021
Why organisations are putting people first in 2021

Employees interact with sensitive data daily and routinely share it by email. This exposes organisations to a wide surface area of risk caused by both human error and intentional actions. Join this fireside chat to hear from DLA Piper LLP's Matt Finn and Egress' Tony Pepper about how to put people at the heart of your strategy and make them a security asset in 2021.

Apr 2021
Egress in action

See Egress for yourself! Our mission is to eliminate insider risk using intelligent technologies that empower people to be your greatest security asset. See how we do it in our demo of Egress Intelligent Email Security – the only human layer security platform that uses contextual machine learning to prevent breaches and protect data.

Session02 (1)
Apr 2021
Panel: The impacts of insider data breaches

From damage to client relationship and remediation efforts, to talent retention, the impacts of insider data breaches are felt organisation-wide. In this panel session, security leaders will analyse the true impacts of insider breaches and offer guidance on how to handle them.

1117 HLS Global Apr2021 Webinar Preview Card 360X200
Apr 2021
Human Layer Security Global

Join Human Layer Security Global to hear from industry thought leaders and top brands about how this changes insider risk and what you need to do to keep sensitive data secure now and for the future.

Hlslive Email 500X320px
Sep 2020
Human Layer Security Live

Our virtual event brought together global thought leaders to address the topic of insider data breach risk and discuss the future of security technology in mitigating this threat. All content is available on-demand – sign up today for all the insights covered by our speakers.

On Demand: Cybersecurity Webinars

Cybersecurity Microchip 555X300 44Kb
May 2022
Keeping Pace with Emerging Threats

In this timely webinar, Egress' Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Ben du Parc Braham, offers advice on how to keep up to date with the threat landscape, as well as the steps businesses should take to protect employees, customers, and their overall brand from sophisticated cyberattacks.

Oct 2021
Building a security culture in a remote and hybrid working world

Join this TeissTalk to answer the biggest questions facing the Information Security industry including remote onboarding best practices, and approaches on how InfoSec leaders can build and maintain a cyber secure culture.

Making Your People The Ciso Of Their Own Homes 395X222 22Kb
Mar 2021
Making your people the CISO of their own homes

Learn about aligning home-life security and company security in the "new normal" and focusing on awareness for remote workers.

A Growing Trend Class Action Cases 395X222 26Kb
Mar 2021
A Growing Trend: Class Action Cases

Class actions are on the rise with high profile organisations Oracle and Salesforce hit with GDPR class action lawsuits over the use of third-party cookies for ad tracking and targeting across several countries. This panel will explore this growing trend and predictions for 2021 and beyond.

Secure Digitalisation In The Age Of Disorder 395X222 25Kb
Mar 2021
Secure digitalisation in the age of disorder

An overnight shift to remote working one year ago left organisations built on physical processes paralysed. Productivity ground to halt, customers were left frustrated, and the risk of a security incident surged as at-home employees relied on free, consumer-grade tools to get work done.

Using Security As A Tool To Build A Competitive Edge 365X195 19Kb
Dec 2020
Using security as a tool to build a competitive edge

How can security demonstrate its value in executing a winning competitive strategy? This session looks at the best practice and explores how businesses can leverage cyber security to gain edge.

Using Technology To Reduce Road Fatalities 395X220 25Kb
Nov 2018
Welsh Police: Using technology to reduce road fatalities

Partnering with Egress, Operation SNAP now enables citizens to upload video footage taken by dashcams and mobile devices directly to local police forces, while reducing the time and cost overheads required for officers to investigate incidents.

Cybersecurity Fraud Detection In The Age Of Covid 19 395X221 29Kb
Oct 2020
Cybersecurity & Fraud Detection in the age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has been blamed for a 238% rise in cyber attacks against banks. In order to protect Businesses & Individuals online from fraud, check out this webinar for a knowledge toolkit on Digital Security in the age of COVID-19.

Uncovering The Enterprise Blind Spot Controlling Unstructured Data Flows In 2020 395X222 31Kb
Oct 2020
Uncovering the enterprise blind spot: Controlling unstructured data flows in 2020

Watch this on-demand webinar, as we examine the problem of unstructured data and security in the enterprise, and explain benefits of the Egress Risk Insight consultancy service and analysis.

Why Healthcare Needs A People First Approach To Digital Transformation 395X221 17Kb
Oct 2020
Why Healthcare Needs A People-First Approach to Digital Transformation

The digital transformation the sector was already undergoing pre-pandemic to replace postal and fax systems with email has been dramatically accelerated by COVID-19. 94% of organisations are now sending more emails due to remote working and distanced service delivery.

How To Secure Your Digital Transformation Achieving Efficiency And Compliance As Shown By Operation Snap 395X220 26Kb
Sep 2020
How to secure your digital transformation: Achieving efficiency and compliance as shown by Operation SNAP

Following widespread adoption of Egress technology by police services across the UK, new uses have also been developed to help streamline crime reporting, with applications continuing to emerge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Implications Of Data Protection Whilst Working From Home 395X222 17Kb
May 2020
Implications of data protection and cyber security whilst working from home

Listen to Egress’ Fahim Afghan as he joins an online panel session hosted by PrivSec, discussing the implications of data protection whilst working from home.

Finding The Balance Productivity Vs Security And Compliance 395X221 31Kb
May 2020
Finding the balance: staff productivity vs security & compliance during COVID-19

Egress' Group General Counsel, Ed Bodey, discusses the implications remote working has on the security of shared information as well as the practical steps to achieving GDPR compliance.

Improving Data Protection When Handling Digital Media Files 395X221 27Kb
Sep 2017
Improving data protection when handling digital media files

Digital media files cause significant security concerns for the UK's police services. This webinar will look at how Egress technology can help secure the files they receive from citizens and those shared with other justice agencies.

On-Demand: Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Csw Pt Header V1 2X
Sep 2021
Data In The Public Sector: Security and stewardship in 2021 and beyond

The challenges of the past year have only served to exacerbate the situation. If the data perimeter was perilously porous when most civil servants worked in offices, then the pivot to remote working has only served to add concerning new dimensions that directly affect the most problematic element of the data security stack: the human layer.

Lse Webinar Card
Jun 2021
Expert insight: How to prevent email data loss without disrupting business

Join this webinar to hear from Zsuzsanna Berenyi, Head of Cyber Security Awareness and Culture at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), about how and why risks originate as employees use email to share data.

How You Can Prevent Data Loss And Maintain Compliance In Your Email System With Virgin Money
Apr 2021
How you can prevent data loss and maintain compliance in your email system with Virgin Money

Hear from Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress and Kathryn Cardose, Head of Cyber Operations at Virgin Money as they discuss the risks that enterprises face from email, and the strategies you should be taking to prevent security incidents.

The Failures Of Static DLP And How To Protect Against Tomorrow's Email Breaches
Mar 2021
The failures of static DLP and how to protect against tomorrow's email breaches

Data breaches caused by outbound email are prolific. In the last 12 months, 93% of organizations experienced security incidents where email use has put sensitive data at risk. And these are not one-off occurrences. In fact, an organization of just 250 employees experiences an average of 180 incidents every year that put sensitive data at risk.

Putting People Firstovercoming Human Error In Security 365X205 27Kb
Dec 2020
Putting People First: Overcoming Human Error in Email Security

In this webinar, a panel of security experts will explore the changing risks to sensitive data and the urgent requirement for intelligent email security to mitigate risks and empower people to work efficiently and securely.

On-Demand: Legal Webinars

Screenshot 2022 05 27 At 13 57 52 395X221 12Kb
Nov 2021
Why your law firm needs to layer your email security in Microsoft 365 for maximum protection

Risks to your law firms’ email security have never been greater. With remote work still as popular as ever and an explosion in digital transformation projects, there is an increase in the risks of outbound data loss.

Screenshot 2022 05 27 At 16 37 50 395X222 23Kb
Mar 2021
Preventing Email Errors From Leading to Lawsuits

Understand the impact of group litigation, drawing from recent examples in the news and learn how COVID-19 has impacted email security.

Webinar Mark Lendon Mike Duff 365X195 14Kb
Mar 2021
Trading on trust: How Harneys are using email security to protect client data and revenue generation

Join this webinar to hear Mike Duff, CSO at Harneys, discuss the pivotal role of email for law firms during the pandemic and the security risks this has created.

Under Pressure! Satisfying Regulatory And Client Security Demands
Mar 2021
Under pressure! Satisfying Regulatory and Client Security Demands

This live virtual roundtable will explore the balancing of regulatory and client security demands and the critical role that technology offers. Speakers will offer insight into maintaining operational efficiency, whilst striving to achieve and ensure the primary goal of excellent client service delivery.

Legal Tech Talks Defending Against The Insider Threat
Dec 2020
Legal Tech Talks: Defending Against the Insider Threat

This on-demand webinar explores the authentic nature of risk, which will focus on user behaviour, the internal security culture and delve deeper into insider threats. The Panel explore how an awareness of insider risk, including human error, supports the overall strategy for firm resilience.

Advanced Legal Data Loss Prevention
Oct 2020
Advanced legal data loss prevention

Watch this on-demand webinar to take a look at human layer security and how people, without meaning to, put company data at risk. One of the main causes of data breaches is misdirected emails, and having a demo of advanced legal data loss prevention solution, which uses contextual machine learning as opposed to a more clunky rules based approach.

Secure Innovation; Protecting The Digital Shift
Oct 2020
Secure Innovation: Protecting the Digital Shift

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how efficiency gains from large-scale digital transformation, and modern leadership approaches needed in times of heightened change.

Screenshot 2022 05 27 At 16 56 48 395X221 15Kb
Jul 2020
Legal CTO Roundtable

This round-table discussion explores the increasing need for firms to embrace technological innovation and deployment, whilst ensuring that cultural challenges are met under increased internal and external pressures.

Embracing Intelligent Email Security At BDO
Jun 2020
Embracing intelligent email security at BDO

Join BDO’s Chief Digital Officer Phil Ruelle and Data Protection Officer Melissa Pardoe as they assess the risk of email data breaches in financial services, explain how to build a business case for intelligent email security, and offer advice ensuring these efforts are more than a box-ticking exercise by integrating technology with existing policy requirements.

DLP Has Changed Have You
Jun 2020
DLP has changed - have you? The future of data privacy in your firm.

With an emphasis on cyber protection, critical response and risk mitigation, the European Legal Security Forum presented over 30 leading experts from the world of cyber security who will deliver ‘insider’ knowledge to identify gaps within existing security whilst offering expert advice to protect law firms from on-going threats and breaches.

Securing Law Firms Preventing Legal Professionals From Sending Emails To The Wrong People
Mar 2018
Securing law firms: Preventing legal professionals from sending emails to the wrong people

Join Egress as we examine the issue of emails being sent in error and provide a live demo of our latest technology, Switch Threat Protection, which uses machine learning and AI to help ensure every email reaches the right person, every time.

On-Demand: Healthcare Webinars

Private Healthcare Why You Need Intelligent Email Security 395X221 19Kb
Jul 2021
Private Healthcare: Why you need intelligent email security

Organisations are paying a considerable price for email data leaks and 92% have suffered negative outcomes following a material incident. Check out this webinar to learn how the risks inherent in email usage impact the healthcare industry.

Protecting Patient Data With Intelligent Email Security At Csn Care 395X220 21Kb
Mar 2021
Protecting patient data with Intelligent Email Security at CSN Care

Join this webinar to hear Sathees Kanna, Head of Information Technology at CSN Care, in conversation with Mark Lendon, Senior VP of Sales at Egress. Together, they’ll discuss the email-borne threats organisations face, why and how people put sensitive data at risk, and how intelligent security that uses contextual machine learning can prevent email breaches and protect patient data.

Making Email Safe For Healthcare Organisations 395X221 29Kb
Sep 2020
Protecting patient data: Making email safe for healthcare organisations

Watch this virtual panel to learn why you need a people-first approach to insider breach risk, the fundamental risks when sharing patient data by email and why legacy technologies have failed to prevent breaches, and how intelligent security can mitigate this threat.

Doctor Medical Healthcare 555X300 29Kb
Nov 2021
Spotting Insider Risk in Healthcare

Insider risk over email is surging. The shifts in working culture over the past 18 months have dialed up the risk of employees getting hacked, making mistakes, and even breaking the rules, with 46% of Healthcare IT leaders reporting an increase in email data loss since the onset of remote working. Watch Fahim Afghan pinpoint ways to identify and mitigate the red flags of human-activated risks.

The Healthcare Pharma Breach Who S The More Prominent Target The Patient Or The Company 395X206 33Kb
Mar 2022
The Healthcare & Pharma Breach – Who’s the more prominent target, the patient or the company?

Healthcare organizations are a desirable target for cybercriminals looking to exfiltrate patient data, defraud providers of funds, or even cause civil disruption by using malware and ransomware to interrupt daily operations.

On-Demand: Data Breach Prevention Webinars

Webinar Thumb Zero Trust Policy
May 2021
How can a zero-trust security policy be applied to prevent insider data breaches over email?

Email data breaches continue to rise. Recent research found that 93% of organizations have suffered an email data breach in the last 12 months. Most of these incidents are caused by simple human error such as misdirected email or attaching the wrong file. A problem exacerbated by COVID-19 and the associated increase in email volumes.

Webinar Email Risk Rises
Jul 2020
Egress featuring IDC: Mitigating today’s human-activated email data breaches

Guest speaker, Chris Rodriguez, Research Manager at IDC and Sudeep Venkatesh, Chief Product Officer at Egress discuss today’s email-borne data security risks, address why they happen, and explore the role technology has in mitigating them.

Webinar Stopping Breaches
May 2020
Stopping email data breaches: A reality for today or task for tomorrow

Hear Sudeep Venkatesh, Chief Product Officer at Egress and Steve Wright, former DPO of Bank of England and John Lewis discuss why, and how, well-intentioned employees cause data breaches when using email and how machine learning can prevent breaches and improve protection for shared data.

Webinar CISO Perspective
May 2020
The CISO perspective: How to prevent insider data breaches

With 88% of security breaches caused by human error, and employees admitting to causing data breaches both accidentally and intentionally when using email, it’s no wonder 97% of CISOs say that insider risk is one of their biggest challenges in 2020.

Webinar Sharing Large Files Remotely
Apr 2020
Collaborating remotely – productivity that doesn’t put data at risk

Currently, one-quarter of the world’s population is being told to stay at home and, where possible, work remotely to stop the spread of COVID-19. This brings significant security challenges as employees who don’t have proper systems set up find ways to share files, communicate and collaborate with colleagues and external third parties.

Webinar Sending Emails Remotely
Apr 2020
Busy inboxes, more data breaches: Making email safe for remote workers

With large-scale remote working implemented across many organizations globally, business email is more critical than ever. As part of our series examining remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic, we look at the ways our busy inboxes can cause more data breaches.

Webinar Turn Tide Breaches
May 2019
Egress Digital Connect: It’s time to turn the tide on email data breaches

Join Cybersecurity Expert Lisa Forte (Red Goat Cybersecurity LLP) and Egress CPO Sudeep Venkatesh as they examine ‘well-intentioned’ data breaches caused when staff share data via email.

Data Breach Laptop 555X300 44Kb
Dec 2018
Prevent insider breaches through user-centric machine learning and AI

On December 11 at 11am ET, Egress will present a new webinar which explores the role of user-centric AI and machine learning, and how it can help proactively detect and stop a breach.

Webinar Email Analytics Prevent Breaches
Sep 2018
Using email analytics to manage risk and prevent data breaches

Join Egress as we demonstrate how Secure Vault gives organisations a full view of their email sharing, helping to bolster information security strategies, minimise breach risks and maintain security to meet rigorous compliance requirements. A live demo will introduce fine-grained DLP statistics, powerful data breach detection, document tracking and efficient data request fulfilment.

On-Demand: Financial Services Webinars

Webinar Thumb Email Security Investment Management
Mar 2021
Expert insight: Email security for investment management firms

In this webinar, Rachel Wilson, Head of Cybersecurity for Morgan Stanley, will join Egress in conversation about the key considerations for email security to support employees - wherever they're based and whatever device they're using!

Webinar Thumb FDC Group
Aug 2020
Intelligent email security and advanced DLP in financial services

Hear FDC Data Protection Lead Jessica Perrott and Egress Senior Product Marketing Manager Fahim Afghan as they assess the real-world risk of email data breaches in financial services, and examine the role technology plays to mitigate this risk and keep proprietary data safe.

Webinar Thumb Risk Financial Services
Jul 2020
Solving the #1 security risk in financial services

Egress sponsored Securing the Financial Services Event which included 150+ senior IT professionals in the sector. Fahim Afghan delivered an insightful webinar discussing how misdirected emails has become the #1 security threat for financial organisations.

On-Demand: Digital Transformation Webinars

Webinar Digital Transformation
Oct 2020
Digital transformation without compromise

Watch on-demand to hear Egress’ Fahim Afghan examine digital transformation in the UK; the lessons we’ve learnt helping organisations to uphold productivity and security; and explain how Secure Web Forms and Workspace can make your digital transformation simple, safe and successful.

On-Demand: Compliance Webinars

Webinar GDPR Compliant
Nov 2018
GDPR-In-A-Box: Simple compliance for your email

Join this webinar to understand how Egress can help you secure shared data with strong, standards-based email encryption.

Webinar Ready New Nydfs
Jul 2018
NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulation: Are you ready for the September deadline?

The new NY DFS 23 NYCRR 500 regulation requires all New York State-licensed financial services firms to protect customer data and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Webinar Simple Effective Compliance
Jun 2018
How to fulfill subject access requests and stay GDPR-compliant

Join us for this webinar where we show how the Egress platform can enable efficient, comprehensive and secure subject access request fulfilment.

Webinar Achieving EU GDPR
Feb 2018
Achieving EU GDPR compliance using Egress

Understand how our functionality aligns with articles of the GDPR to ensure compliance, including email threat protection and compliance-based reporting.