Secure and store sensitive data with Egress Web Form

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Streamline inbound data flows

All inbound data via our secure online forms arrives into your network via email as PDF files. You can also seamlessly integrate Egress Secure Web Form with Egress Secure Workspace to easily organise and manage inbound information flows.

With best-in-class encryption, enterprise-grade permissions and controls, and simple workflow tools, Egress Secure Workspace keeps classified content and files safe, all while easing the administrative burden on your team.

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Direct API integration

Egress Secure Web Form connects directly into Egress Secure Workspace APIs, allowing for a seamless transfer of ingested data into a secure environment.

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Streamlined workflows

You can automatically direct third party submissions and attachments to specifically assigned zones and folders within Egress Secure Workspace.

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Two-way workflows

Take advantage of seamless two-way collaboration within Egress Secure Workspace with simple file sharing mechanisms, real-time editing and restrictions on access.

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Granular auditing and compliance

Once data sits in Egress Secure Workspace, a series of dashboards, granular audit trails and fine-grained data retention policies help you stay compliant when managing third party data.