Keep data ingestion secure

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Keep sensitive third party data safe

Productivity should not come at the expense of security. In addition to fast-tracking inbound data flows, our security frameworks guarantee the safety of confidential information as it enters your network.

With best-in-class encryption, robust anti-virus checks and additional controls and restrictions, you will never need to worry about sensitive third party or customer data becoming exposed or getting into the wrong hands.

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Accredited encryption

Egress Secure Web Form uses multiple types of encryption, including AES 256-bit and HTTPS, to automatically protect information flows as they enter your organisation.

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File type restrictions

We empower administrators to protect and control data by restricting file types and putting in place additional user verification as required.

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Additional anti-virus checks

Egress Secure Web Form seamlessly integrates with best-in-class anti-virus solutions for network edge security and data privacy.