Data redaction

See how we intelligently redact non-pertinent data in a matter of clicks, removing vast amounts of time from the process.

Automated, intelligent data redaction

We provide the tools you need so that, in a matter of minutes, you can effectively hide non-pertinent data from specific emails before sharing.

In an age of strict data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA requiring quick responses to Subject Access Requests, we help make sure that you stay in line with regulations and keep fines at bay.

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How automated, intelligent data redaction works

Quick and powerful search

Users can quickly and easily search for any relevant key words in the given text box.

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Automated redaction

You can choose all the relevant emails and documents and redact all necessary non-pertitnet data in one click. You can also choose to manually redact as well.

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Easy export and download

We give you a rapid mechanism to download and export all chosen redacted messages and documents.

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