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eDiscovery software to measure and quantify the risk of sharing sensitive data

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Quantify risk across organisational email flows

Our eDiscovery solution, Egress Respond, provides comprehensive reporting, analytics and insights on email communications, so you can quickly measure and quantify risk across your corporate email flows.

Using advanced search technology, we provide a fine-grained view of sensitive data that enables you to run detailed reporting and measure the risk of a breach. This means you can always keep data safe, while meeting ongoing regulatory demands and avoiding the steep financial penalties associated with non-compliance.

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How Egress Respond helps

Accelerate the secure search process with eDiscovery

We help you to rapidly search email data, using our eDiscovery tool, in order to efficiently manage and handle internal investigations, in turn reducing the pressure on compliance and protecting your security budget.

How we do it

Elastic search functionality
Our use of elastic search technology allows administrators to search across millions of email records in seconds.

Comprehensive data search
Our powerful eDiscovery search engine inspects emails, meta data and attachment content, including Egress-encrypted and plaintext emails.

Search encrypted and plaintext content
Administrators can search both encrypted and plaintext email records in order to mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

Avoid financial and reputational loss

Stringent new legislations have reshaped data protection and data privacy, and promise unprecedented fines for non-compliance. Our eDiscovery solution offers far-reaching intelligence and reporting on email usage, so you can mitigate potential sources of risk and comply with regulations.

How we do it

Full audit trail
We provide comprehensive audit logs to demonstrate compliance with data privacy regulations worldwide.

Detailed email reports
We empower administrators to track how employees are sharing sensitive information using email and pinpoint data breach risk, including human-activated threats.

Easily exportable analytics
You can quickly and easily download eDiscovery reports directly to PDF and use our redaction toolkit for added security.

Fast-track SAR response time

Our eDiscovery solution makes it quick and easy for you to respond to Subject Access Requests (SARs) with rapid search tools that protect confidential data and tick the boxes of new data privacy laws.

How we do it

Automated, intelligent data redaction
In just a few simple clicks, users can remove non-relevant sensitive data from specific emails before exporting and reporting.

Rapid SAR fulfilment
Search for all personal information related to individual data subjects across your corporate email network (message body and attachments), and quickly obscure non-pertinent sensitive data before responding to a SAR.

Integration with multiple platforms
Our out-of-the-box connectivity with numerous platforms and systems allows you to search for user data and further streamline SAR responses.

Stay on the right side of privacy laws

Don’t let your compliance efforts cause a data breach. We make it easy for you to rapidly redact non-pertinent sensitive data from SARs before exporting, meaning you maintain compliance and keep regulators and their fines at bay.

How we do it

Automated redaction tools
In a matter of minutes, users can hide non-pertinent data from specific emails before exporting, reporting, and sharing using automated redaction

Rapid search capability
Users can search for any phrase and obtain all relevant results within seconds, in turn fast-tracking the SAR process.

Easy export and download
In just two clicks, you can export all redacted messages or documents and download them to your device for quick and efficient reporting.

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