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Stop the most advanced inbound email threats.

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Stop targeted attacks early in the kill chain

Phishing is the entry point that external agents use to gain access to your critical information. Attackers are increasingly able to circumvent traditional email security solutions by exploiting our chief vulnerability: human behaviour.

Egress Defend has been shaped by UK GCHQ to provide advanced detection capabilities that stop phishing attacks. Armed with intelligent technologies that evaluate context, relationships and message content, our solution prevents more inbound cyber threats, releases key resources to focus on other security risks, and empowers your employees to become cybersecurity advocates who can identify future breaches.

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How Egress Defend helps

Stop targeted phishing attacks

The flex to remote working has seen an explosion in phishing attacks that are sophisticated enough to evade traditional email security solutions. Our linguistic and contextual analysis blends with social graphing technologies to immediately flag suspicious emails to the user as they enter their mailbox.

How we do it

Cyber expertise and reverse engineering

Our technology reverse engineers all malicious emails, as well as malicious toolkits and templates that bad actors use, aggregating both positive and negative features to determine a threat level to the user in real-time.

Deep email inspection

We use linguistical, contextual and technical analysis combined with social graphing in order to evaluate every layer of the email for potential threats.

Zero trust models

With our detection capabilities and zero trust security models, we can detect new and unseen threats, regardless of where they are coming from.

Empower users to become security assets

Security training can be disruptive, costly, and time-consuming. Egress Defend provides real-time guidance to the user that explains why there’s a threat. That way, the technology provides active learning that transforms users from vulnerability to first line of defence, all while cutting your training bill!

How we do it

Intuitive user interface and alerts

A clear heat-based warning system immediately alerts users to the level of risk in a way that doesn’t disrupt their workflow.

Clear and simple explanations

Users can click for further information that explains in simple language why the email is a threat, in turn providing in-the-moment active learning for employees.

Intelligent recommendations

As well as highlighting why there’s risk, we also intelligently recommend actions to the user based on the level of threat.

Free up critical resources

Traditional email security solutions that rely on complex rules and policies not only create a lot of frustrating false positives but also take up significant bandwidth and resource to maintain. Egress Defend uses latest linguistic and contextual analysis on emails so that administrators no longer need to manually configure rules, manage quarantine or handle triage, in turn giving them huge amounts of time back to focus on other key priorities.

How we do it

No more rules

We provide immediate protection without the need to configure or maintain a complex set of rules or policies.

Seamless deployment

The technology deploys in minutes across all devices, desktop and mobile.

Real-time cyber intelligence

Administrators can quickly and accurately update threat models, triage risks, and roll out additional security measures.

Spot risks early and determine where action is needed

Reporting on email flows can be manual, slow and, worse, incapable of providing the required visibility for effective decision making. Egress Defend’s intelligence platform provides simplified dashboards and detailed insights so that Administrators can quickly cut through the noise and identify inbound threats, and then determine the appropriate steps needed to mitigate security risks.

How we do it

High-level dashboards

Summarised data and easy-to-digest visuals give you a quick and intuitive snapshot into your organisation’s inbound email risks.

Detailed threat feed

Granular phishing intelligence around an email’s phish types, payloads, supply chain health, attacker information, as well as user actions, highlight the events that Administrators need to care about to keep their organisation safe.

No additional admin workloads

The portal helps and assists Administrators to identify where action is needed without the burden of manually configuring rules, managing quarantine, or handling triage.

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