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Anti-phishing software that mitigates targeted email attacks

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Icon Defend Benefits Inbound Threats

Stop sophisticated email attacks

Icon Defend Benefits Admin Overheads

Reduce admin overheads

Icon Defend Benefits People Assets

Make people cybersecurity assets

Neutralise targeted phishing attacks

We combine zero-trust models with machine learning and natural language processing so that you can detect and neutralise the most sophisticated types of phishing attacks that slip through traditional anti-phishing defences, such as spear phishing emails, brand impersonations, business email compromise, and account takeover attacks.

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Free up security resources

Administrators do not need to manually configure rules, manage quarantine or handle triage. Our technologies and quick reporting capabilities cut through the noise, providing the actionable intelligence you need to highlight the risks that matter most and take remediating action.

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Make people your first line of defence

Our real-time alerts, feedback and guidance explain why there’s a risk in plain language, engaging with people to provide teachable moments into types of phishing that transform employees into cybersecurity assets, all while reducing your training bill!

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Stop sophisticated cyber threats

Make people your first line of defence

Gain actionable intelligence into cyber threats

Egress Defend: Summary of technical features

Egress Defend detects and neutralizes complex phishing email attacks that traditional security defences cannot detect.

Key features:

  • Detects and neutralizes threats before they enter a user’s mailbox
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) detects emotion and intent
  • Deep understanding of crime-as-a-service to detect template-based attacks
  • Link re-writing to netutralise time-of-click attacks
  • Email client and device agnostic
  • AI and machine learning for deep understanding of email relationships
  • User feedback decoupled from machine learning models to prevent data poisoning
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365

Our vision is to create a culture of cybersecurity resiliency within your organisation, enabling employees to detect and mitigate threats themselves.

Key features:

  • Intuitive banner classification to highlight risks in real-time
  • Unique confidence dial to provide guidance to user
  • Clear explanations as to why there’s a risk
  • Simplified email authentication information to demystify complex cybersecurity language

Egress Defend makes administration easy, enabling Security teams to remediate threats while protecting critical bandwidth.

Key features:

  • Zero administration overheads
  • No rules, triage or quarantine to manage
  • Admin console integrated into SSO
  • Actionable intelligence
  • Live threat feed highlighting real-time stats
  • Intelligence on types of attacks and payloads
  • Detailed analysis of dangerous emails
  • Admin console integrates with SIEM/SOAR tools
  • Instant remediation via Microsoft Graph API integration
  • OSINT intelligence highlighting most targeted users
"We selected Egress Defend and Prevent as added security layers in our Microsoft 365 environment to ensure we are minimising our risk profile." Daniel Volk, CIO, Crawford and Company

Egress supports the following integrations

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