Intelligent Email Security

Protects against data breaches by reducing human activated risk.

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Protect against inbound and outbound threats

Human activated risk is introduced by inbound social engineering attacks, human error, and malicious insiders. Inbound and outbound intelligent detection capabilities combine to help you:

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Protect against data breaches

Automatic inspection of all emails protects against sophisticated phishing, misaddressed emails, and malicious exfiltration attempts.

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Empower users and reduce friction

Contextual warnings are presented only when risk is evident, resulting in teachable moments that empower users to make the correct decision.


Reduce administration overhead

Self-learning detection technologies reduce the need for manual policy creation and ongoing administration.


Intelligent Email Security Products

Protect against sophisticated inbound and outbound email threats without creating productivity roadblocks.

Inbound threat protection
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Egress Defend

Protects against advanced phishing threats.
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Outbound threat protection
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Egress Prevent

Protects against accidental and malicious data loss.
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Egress Protect

Secure, certified end-to-end email encryption.
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Why choose Egress Software?

Using patented contextual machine learning, Egress Software detects and prevents abnormal human behavior such as targeted phishing attacks, misdirected emails, and data exfiltration.  Adopted by the world’s biggest brands, Egress is private equity backed and has offices in London, New York, and Boston.

Our vision

We believe in making digital communication safer for everyone, as we strive to become the most intelligent multi-channel protection suite for human-activated risk.

Our commitment

We perform a variety of audits and assessments with independent, third-parties to assure that we are properly protecting our systems and customer data.

Our technology

We enable proactive analysis of data flows, ensuring compliance with regulations including GDPR and CCPA. Our software never re-routes your emails to a proprietary cloud.

Unlike some of the competitor solutions available, we found that Egress Prevent offered more features within a single subscription, meaning we could provide higher levels of protection and whilst making our security budget go further.

Useful resources

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TAG Cyber: Reduce human activated risk

TAG Cyber’s latest report explores this imperfect relationship and how it relates to a technology your business uses every day: email.

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  • Why the flawed relationship between people and technology creates risk
  • Where inbound and outbound email threats exist within your business
  • How to reduce human activated risk through the triple-pronged strategy of:
    • Phishing detection and protection
    • Outbound data loss prevention
    • Email encryption
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