Defend against advanced phishing threats

Reduce the risk of data breaches. Egress Defend combines intelligent detection technologies to reduce human activated risk and protect against advanced phishing threats.

Reduce human activated risk with intelligent phishing detection

Sophisticated attacks evade existing secure email gateways and the native security offered by Microsoft 365. Intelligent phishing detection helps you:

Anomaly Detect

Protect against data breaches

Intelligent email inspection learns email behavior patterns and detects anomalies and sophisticated phishing threats.

Coachinb Banners

Empower users and reduce friction

Contextual, color-coded warning banners engage users only when a threat is evident to provide teachable moments at the point of risk.

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Reduce administration overhead

Self-learning detection technologies reduce the need for manual policy configuration and ongoing maintenance.


Stop advanced email attacks

One successful phishing attack is all it takes to put your organization’s sensitive data at risk. Egress Defend combines intelligent detection technologies to defend against sophisticated phishing attacks and warn and engage users with contextual, color-coded warning banners

Defend against data breaches

Machine learning, social graph, and natural language processing techniques detect advanced threats that have evaded existing email security defenses.

Detect Attacks

Detects attacks early in the kill chain

Learns normal email behaviors to detect anomalies that are indicative of an attack.


Linguistic analysis of email content

Language nuances like attention-grabbing subject lines, urgent requests, and consequences of inaction all indicate signs of malicious intent.

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Engage and empower users

Contextual banners are embedded in emails to warn and educate the user about the threat and empower them to report those that appear malicious.


Real-time teachable moments

Banners engage users at the point of risk to reinforce awareness training, increase its effectiveness and help realize a better ROI.

Increased Protection

Increased protection with low friction

User friction is introduced only when high risk is evident, to prevent them actioning a suspicious email.

Reduce admin, respond to threats

Self-learning detection technologies require minimal policy configuration and ongoing maintenance.


Easy deployment

Automatic deployment into the Microsoft 365 mail flow reduces time to protection and value.

Incident Respose

Incident response

M-SOAR capabilities provide actionable intelligence for rapid incident response and remediation to reduce MTTR.

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How a global insurance services firm uses Egress Defend

We selected Egress Defend and Egress Prevent as added security layers in our Microsoft 365 environment to ensure we are minimizing our risk profile.

Simplify and optimize your email security architecture

Unlock greater value from your core IT and security platform investments.

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