Neutralize targeted phishing attacks with Egress Defend

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Augment your existing email security stack

The bad guys are getting smarter, unleashing far more complex and sophisticated threats such as business email compromise, ransomware, and social engineering attacks which are bypassing traditional defences and putting your organisation at significant risk.

Egress Defend augments your existing email security architecture, using a combination of zero-trust models, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to seamlessly plug the gaps and mitigate advanced email security threats.

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Linguistic and contextual analysis

Natural language processing (NLP) identifies the emotion and intent of an email, looking for attention-grabbing subject lines, credibility statements, requests, and consequences of non-performance. That way, the tech can detect social engineering and impersonation-based attacks.

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Zero trust models

Every email must be deemed trustworthy before entering a mailbox. Egress Defend won’t apply social graphs until it has evaluated content and context, enabling the technology to detect advanced threats such as supply chain compromise.

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Machine learning and AI

Our algorithms deeply understand a person’s email relationships and behaviours, enabling the tech to detect impersonations and spoofs that go against historical patterns. Crucially, user actions do not influence our models, removing the risk of non-cyber experts poisoning the detection capabilities.

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Phishing template detection

Egress Defend has a deep understanding of crime-as-a-service, proactively detecting attackers’ underlying techniques to neutralise sophisticated zero-day attacks, as well as emerging threats.

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URL re-writing

Egress Defend re-writes URLs within emails both before they enter a mailbox and when someone clicks, protecting you from malicious time-of-click attacks.

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Device agnostic detection

Egress Defend runs on both desktop, web and mobile, protecting people at all times.