Make people your first line of defense with Egress Defend

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Create a culture of cybersecurity advocacy

Security awareness training is vital but it can be costly and time-consuming for both Security teams and the wider organisation.

Egress Defend augments existing training and phishing simulations with real-time teachable moments on emails that explain to people why there’s a threat. That way, the technology provides active learning that enables people to identify future threats themselves, all while cutting your training bill!

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Intuitive banner classifications

Clear, heat-based HTML banners immediately alert people to the level of risk in a way that doesn’t disrupt their workflow.

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Real-time teachable moments

Users can click for further information that explains in simple language why the email is a threat, in turn providing in-the-moment learning for employees.

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Simplified cyber intelligence

A unique confidence dial provides highly-visual guidance on threat levels, while simplified email authentication information demystifies complex security issues for laypeople.