Egress Defend administrative console

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Cut through the noise to highlight the risks that matter

Reporting on email flows can be manual and slow. Even worse, they throw too much unnecessary information at you, making it harder to take timely and effective decisions.

Egress Defend’s intelligence platform provides simplified dashboards and critical insights so that administrators can quickly cut through the noise, identify email security risks and, where necessary, remediate.

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Actionable intelligence

Our analytics won’t overwhelm you with information. Augmented intelligence into types of attacks, payload, and supply chain health give Security teams what they need to take decisive action that mitigates threats.

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Live threat feed

Our real-time threat feed offers insights and statistics into email details, type of attack, threat levels, authentication checks, communication history, and how your people interacted with the email.

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Granular analysis

Administrators can deep-dive into dangerous emails and analyse threat signals.

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Instant remediation

Security teams can immediately delete phishing emails from an employee’s mailbox.