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Insider Data Breach Survey 2021

Your people make choices every day. The links they click, the mistakes they make, and the rules they break damage your organization.

Our latest report showcases real-world stories and statistics to help you understand the real risk to your business.

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People get hacked

Phishing emails are delivered to inboxes daily, resulting in 73% of organization suffering security incidents. Are organizations doing enough to protect employees from cyberattacks?

A colleague opened a risky email, but it was a set-up to see if employees would click those types of emails and she did. She was fired directly.

People make mistakes

Despite causing the most incidents, human error is bottom of the list of IT leader’s concerns. Is it time to think twice about the real risk mistakes pose?

People break the rules

Rule breakers cause IT leaders the most sleepless nights, with 43% sharing the view that successful exfiltration causes the most damage. Is it possible to detect rule breakers before the damage is done?

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