Egress for remote working

Intelligent human layer security for remote and hybrid workers

From one to one million offices

Security needs to be delivered at an individual level – so you can prevent every data breach, no matter whether your employees are based in your office or their home office!

Egress uses contextual machine learning to understand every user’s individual behaviour, detecting when they put data at risk, and correcting them before a breach occurs. We also make it easy for your employees to send and receive large files and transition to digital processes with minimal friction.

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Stopping email data breaches

Egress Intelligent Email Security uses contextual machine learning to ensure your employees make good security decisions. Advanced DLP technology prevents intentional and accidental data breaches, while also ensuring appropriate protection is applied to data shared between employees.

We also continually monitor and map risk, so you have total visibility over how sensitive data is communicated across your corporate email network to guarantee ongoing compliance.

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Making it easy to share large files

We simplify secure file sharing within your organisation, and with clients and service users. Our software works on both desktop and mobile devices, and can be used to streamline data collection and populate existing workflows.

We support one-off, ad-hoc data sharing and ongoing collaboration via encrypted file sharing zones. And we know no (file) limits, supporting terabytes of data being uploaded into our platforms daily.

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