Consultancy Services

We pride ourselves on being more than simply another technology vendor. We take our time to fully understand your requirements and establish the rights services for you. In addition, our team of expert consultants work as a natural extension of your organisation to identify and mitigate sources of enterprise risk, and fully exploit the value of Egress services.

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What's involved with Egress Consulting?

We provide expert consultative support across two critical areas:

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Risk Insight

Our Risk Insight consulting service leverages a proven methodology to map out an interactive picture of data sharing habits. We then detect and eliminate threats to data security.

Using Risk Insight, you'll gain a clear and holistic picture of the risks across your information ecosystem, and be able to identify the most effective ways to protect your organisation.

  • A holistic approach to information security
  • Focuse on your human layer
  • Highly interactive report and visuals
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Strategic Value Analysis

Our Strategic Value Analysis service evaluates the benefits that Egress will bring to your organisation and aligns them with your business strategy. We carefully document this process, so you can communicate effectively with final decision-makers and budget holders.

As part of our Strategic Value Analysis, we work closely with you to construct custom business cases and empower you to easily secure approval for your information security initiatives.

  • Identify pain points
  • Create your own success metrics
  • Quantify the value of Egress

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