Egress recognised at Expert Insights’ Best-Of Awards 2021

Expert Insights has selected Egress for the ‘Best-Of’ awards for Post-Delivery Protection and Email Encryption

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London – 16th February 2021 – Egress has been recognised in two categories at Expert Insights’ Best-Of Awards. The leading provider of Human Layer Security solutions, Egress was selected in the Post-Delivery Protection and Email Encryption categories.

Expert Insights’ Best-Of awards recognise innovative cybersecurity solutions that provide world-class protection for their customers. Egress was selected based on its product features, market presence and customer score. 

In winning the award for Post-Delivery Protection and Email Encryption, Egress is recognised for its innovative use of machine learning technology and powerful encryption to provide seamless protection for sensitive data shared via email.

Sudeep Venkatesh, Egress CPO, comments “We’re delighted to have been selected by Expert Insights the 2021 Best-Of Awards for Post-Delivery Protection and Email Encryption. This recognition highlights the high standards of service and protection we offer our customers, and further confirms Egress’ place at the leading edge of innovation in the field of Human Layer Security.”

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About Egress

Our mission is to eliminate the greatest risk to every business – the insider threat. To achieve this Egress has built the world’s only Human Layer Security platform that empowers your people to remain secure while being highly productive.

Using patented contextual machine learning, Egress is trusted by the world's biggest brands to prevent human error and protect against malicious or reckless behaviour on email without any administrative overhead. Funded by FTV Capital and Albion VC, Egress is headquartered in London with offices in Toronto and Boston.

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