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Maintain client privacy and protect sensitive data

Protecting sensitive financial data

Email is used daily by employees at financial institutions to share confidential client data, like account numbers and personal banking information, along with proprietary information. This means it's at high risk of unauthorized access caused by emails and attachments sent to incorrect recipients, or mishandling by third parties. These data leaks and breaches can damage client relationships, harm your brand's reputation, and risk non-compliance with regulations like GLBA. 

Egress Intelligent Email Security uses contextual machine learning, powerful encryption and granular reporting to ensure emails and attachments are sent to the right people, sensitive financial data is protected, and rigorous compliance requirements are upheld.

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What our customers say

”Egress Email and File Protection is unbelievably stable and works exactly the way we want it to work. It’s so seamless, we don’t even notice it.”

Farm Credit Mid-America

”Egress is helping our bank ensure compliance with the FCA and ICO.”

Fortune 1000 Global Bank

”Egress allows us to share information securely, regardless of transfer mechanism.”

Blake Morgan

Why Egress? Intelligent human layer security that maintains client privacy

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Prevent data leaks

Our contextual machine learning makes sure the right email and attachment is sent to the right recipient, protecting client relationships and your brand's reputation. 

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Ensure compliance

Our powerful encryption and granular reporting enables you to meet stringent industry regulations, like GLBA, as well as consumer laws including CCPA. 

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Protect data on the go

Our Intelligent Email Security is delivered at the desktop and on mobile devices to protect employees and the data they share, wherever they're working from. 

How we help financial services firms

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Preventing data leakage

Sending a confidential email to the wrong client or third party damages relationships with both the intended and accidental recipient, breaches privacy regulations, and harms business transactions.

Our intelligent technology inspects email content and attachments against all recipients added, determining whether a mistake has been made and preventing breaches of security before they happen. We can also build DLP rules to stop internal breaches between your employees, as well as detect and block intentional exfiltration. 

  • Send the right emails to the right clients
  • Build internal information barriers
  • Prevent intentional exfiltration
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Making email security easy for employees

We appreciate that your employees are busy, working in often high-pressured environments and while on the go, and need security technology to enhance their productivity. 

That's why we use contextual machine learning and advanced DLP to make sure emails and attachments are sent to the correct recipients, as well as automating protection - whether via TLS or message-level encryption. Our approach makes their lives easier, while also ensuring your organization doesn't suffer a data breach. 

  • Enhance email security in Office 356 and OWA
  • Protect data to comply with regulations
  • Protect emails sent from mobile devices

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