Egress for education

Secure email, file sharing and collaboration for faculty, parents and students

Safeguard student data

Communicating student data is a foundational pillar of distance and hybrid learning. Our software ensures that PII and other sensitive data remains secure when shared internally and with parents, students and other third parties. 

Using our technology, you can make sure data is securely emailed to the right recipient, easily share large files and collaborate on documents, and provide third parties with a way to quickly share data with you.

This means you can keep student health records confidential for HIPAA compliance, as well as ensure information such as tuition bills and financial details, disciplinary records, and transcripts and grades is never leaked. 


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Why Egress? Easy-to-use security that protects student data

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Support distance learning

Our software ensures your faculty can communicate securely - wherever they're based. 

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Protect and control data

We ensure you stay in control of student data, tracking who can access it and what they can do with it. 

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Secure health records to comply with HIPAA

Our software encrypts and protects student PHI, including health records, so you can remain HIPAA compliant. 

How Egress will help you

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We prevent human error causing data breaches

We use contextual machine learning to spot when faculty members are about to send emails to incorrect recipients, including forgetting to use Bcc, and alert them in real time before the incident happens. We also use intelligent DLP to make sure the right level of security is applied to sensitive data - whether that's checking to ensure TLS is properly enabled or automating our own message-level encryption to protect data. 

This means you can keep student data safe, including transcripts and grades, disciplinary records, and tuition bills and financial details.

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We simplify data sharing

Our highly integrated technologies simplify data sharing for your internal users and external third parties. Using our software, faculty can encrypt emails, share large files and collaborate on documents. We also provide an easy yet secure way to ingest files into your institution on an ad-hoc basis, without requiring user sign up. 

It's also free for your recipients to use our technology, meaning youcan ensure end-to-end security for student data, including degree information, class schedules, health records and financial information. 

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