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Egress helps protect organizational data and maintain GLBA compliance.

Is your financial services organization GLBA compliant?

In their day-to-day functions, banks, insurance providers, brokers and credit unions have to process and exchange significant amounts of data, most of which contains private and confidential information. This data requires security in order to protect it from unauthorized access. As more and more of this information is digitized and needs to be communicated electronically, it's critical that financial services providers maintain the levels of privacy and security their clients and partners have come to expect.

A primary aspect of this is ensuring compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).

How Egress helps you comply with GLBA
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The risk to your business

With data breaches in financial services on the increase, don't be the next business to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Despite attempts to reduce the number of data breaches, financial services organizations continue to see some of the highest industry increases. The Breach Level Index report shows that since 2013, the number of data breaches in US financial services has increased by nearly 50%. At the same time, the scale and publicity surrounding breaches has increased dramatically. Examples include The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the Federal Government’s bank insurance agency) which admitted to having lost 160,000 personal banking records as a result of the inadvertent actions of seven departing employees.

One way to mitigate the risk of a breach is to use encryption technology. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the agency charged with policing and protecting consumer affairs, themselves state that the use of encryption should be a mandatory requirement when protecting sensitive data.

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The Egress approach

We offer human layer security technology that empowers your employees to work effectively and securely, enabling you to take a straightforward approach to staying compliant. 

Our software includes data breach prevention, email and file encryption, and secure online collaboration and file sharing. By offering a platform of flexible, highly integrated encryption solutions, Egress helps protect data from start to finish and, as a result, helps organisations prevent a breach and maintain GLBA compliance.

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