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Optimize and protect the flow of sensitive data entering your organization.

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How Secure Web Form works

Our online web form simplifies information sharing with its fully customizable interface that enables third parties to quickly and easily upload and submit content in a protected format.

We encrypt all content and form details in transit and at rest, so that third parties can safely send PII and upload sensitive files. In addition, our auditing and reporting allows you to track information as it enters your organization.

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How Secure Web Form helps

Protect content and confidentiality 

Your third parties need a single point of contact to share sensitive PII and large files with your organization. Our security frameworks guarantee the safety of confidential information as it enters your network, so you will never need to worry about data compromise.

How we do it

AES-256 bit encryption
Secure Web Form automatically protects all data in transit and at rest using AES-256 bit encryption as it leaves senders and enters your organization.

Third party verification
We empower administrators to protect and control data by restricting file types and putting in place additional user verifications as required.

Additional anti-virus checks
Secure Web Form seamlessly integrates with best-in-class anti-virus solutions for network edge security and data privacy.

Improve data transfer efficiency

We know everyone is moving quickly in today’s digital world, so we make it as efficient and easy as possible for third parties to upload sensitive information into an organization’s network.

How we do it

Quick and easy uploads from any device
Users can quickly and securely upload information from any internet-enabled device.

Complimentary uploads for third parties
It doesn’t cost anything for your third parties to send data and files to your organization.

No sign-up required
Third parties don’t need to make an account to share data, unless you want to put in place additional verification for data security.

Eliminate the risk of financial penalties

Global regulations frequently require organizations to provide consumers with an easy way to request information about their personal data. We keep you on the right side of the law by making sure you provide a secure channel to submit Subject Access Requests (SARs), while our comprehensive auditing and reporting means you can track information as it flows into your organization.

How we do it

Detailed auditing and reporting, complete with notifications
All uploads are tracked and audited, with notification options enabling administrators to closely monitor all user activity and uploads taking place.

Confirmation receipts
Our confirmation receipts assure users who submit information that the organization has securely received their data.

Comprehensively audit and upload reports
Administrators can monitor sender information and submissions in real time, while audience demographics provide insights to effectively understand who is sharing sensitive files.

Avoid the costs of process overhaul

Securing incoming sensitive content shouldn’t come with the complexity and cost of transforming existing infrastructure, so we focus on creating flexible and customizable forms to meet your specific needs.

How we do it

Customizable forms and branding
Our secure forms are fully customizable, with options to brand pages in line with your requirements and select which data fields to include.

Flexible and secure web hosting options
Host shared content either on-premise, in the cloud, or via a hybrid solution, and choose from a selection of global data centers.

Integration with existing workflows
Our web forms integrate seamlessly with Egress Secure Workspace for easy and secure online file storage and management.

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