Egress Defend named Email Security Software of the Year at the 2021 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards

Egress Defend recognized for its innovative use of intelligent technology to protect organizations against rising tide of targeted phishing attacks

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London, UK – 30th September 2021 – Egress, the leading provider of intelligent email security, announced today that it has been recognized at the 2021 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards. Egress Defend was named Email Security Software of the Year in recognition of its industry-leading use of intelligent technology to effectively protect organizations against the increasing number of attacks targeting the Microsoft 365 platform.

Launched in 2021, Egress Defend is the only solution globally to operate on a zero-trust model, able to analyze the context and content of every inbound email before it is delivered to an employee’s inbox. Going beyond the analysis provided by traditional secure email gateways, Defend uses NLP and machine learning technologies to determine every sender’s authenticity, protecting employees from targeted attacks such as business email compromise (BEC), CEO fraud and account takeover.

Egress VP of Product Management Steven Malone comments: “In today’s Microsoft 365 world, organizations urgently need intelligent technologies that can detect and mitigate the 30% of phishing attacks that bypass both Microsoft’s built-in security and their secure email gateway controls. Unlike other IESS or CESS technologies trying to bridge this gap, Egress Defend is the only solution globally to combine a zero-trust model with NLP and machine learning to protect organizations from advanced phishing threats.

“We’re proud to have been recognized by the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards in such a competitive category, highlighting the value that Defend provides for our customers as part of the Egress Intelligent Email Security platform.”

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