Automated end-to-end encryption

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Secure automation for file and folder transfer. Encrypt and transfer large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Encrypt files at rest and in transit. Including key management for fully auditable end-to-end encryption in line with compliance requirements.

Go paperless securely and easily. Transfer scanned documentation to a network drive or folder location, securely and easily.

Restrict file types for upload. Control the kinds of data that can be uploaded, for additional security and control.

Secure file transfer within existing workflows. Switch Secure Managed File Transfer is designed for flexibility, with easy integration into existing systems and processes.

Choose hosting that suits your needs. On-premise and cloud hosting helps you realise infinite scalability combined with the flexibility of sharing on-premise content.

Customise data transfer with APIs. Tailor the way you securely transfer large volumes of data with APIs that give you total control.

data transfer scheduling and auditing

Schedule bulk transfer outside of working hours. Reduce load on company networks when transferring terabytes of secure content.

Keep up to date with notifications. A real-time alerts system for both senders and recipients so everyone involved can keep track.

Automate folder synchronisation. Set up new managed file transfers at any time, with automated syncing of initial and destination folders to make sure files are up to date.

View full audit logs and transfer reports. Monitor secure file transfers and system status in real-time with comprehensive auditing and reporting.

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