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  • Maintain compliance with utility industry information security guidance and standards, as well as the Data Protection Act and EU GDPR
  • Easy-to-use encryption for energy, gas and water providers
  • Email and file encryption, and secure collaboration for utility companies
  • Reduce the risk of employees causing an accidental breach by sending customer and coporate data in error
  • Ensure only authorised recipients can access sensitive information
  • Control what recipients can do with shared information,
    for example printing and forwarding content
  • Maintain complete visibility over who's accessing shared information and what they do with it via comprehensive audit logs
  • Always free for your third parties to use
  • Secure both customer and administrative data, regardless of file size or how you need to share it
  • Encrypt customer data shared with Government, regulatory bodies, and credit and debt agencies
  • Encrypt data shared internally, including payroll and HR document

One of the main reasons we chose Egress Email Encryption was due to its ability to simplify and streamline data protection. In addition, Egress not only allows us to secure sensitive information shared with external third parties but also with internal users by allowing us to encrypt data stored at rest on Exchange.

Mark Butler, Senior Network & Applications Support Analyst

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