Stop emails being sent to the wrong people. Avoid that sinking feeling of accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipient.

Correct misaddressed emails. EgressThreat Protection automatically recommends the right address and alerts users to mistakes before they hit send.

Fix data breaches before they happen. Manage the risk of accidentally sending sensitive content to the wrong people and protect sensitive business data.

Help employees make good decisions. EgressThreat Protection uses self-improving machine learning technology to detect mistyped addresses similar to previous recipients or contacts.

Trial Threat Protection for free to find out how many potential data breaches are happening in your organization every day. Read the datasheet to find out more.


Accidents happen. Unintentionally sending emails to the wrong recipients or using Cc instead of Bcc are all too common ways to lose data.

Human error isn’t going away. Everyone has done it, and the problem isn’t being tackled by traditional data security software.

Machine learning that works. Egress Threat Protection uses data trends and historic email conversations to build patterns that can predict mistakes.

Don’t stop people sharing data. Use Egress Threat Protection to make sure data is shared appropriately.


Total integration into 365 and G Suite. Make it easy for users to send email safely while giving admins a view of potentially malicious intent.

Encrypt email and classify content. Egress Threat Protection works alongside Egress encryption technology to encrypt and classify emails and attachments.

Engage your users. A simple interface and intuitive controls help people share with the right recipients, no user training required.

Meet compliance requirements. Designed for GDPR and HIPAA compliance, Threat Protection includes customizable policies for comprehensive email risk management.

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