With Egress Switch Server Infrastructure (ESI) and Switch Gateway, organizations benefit from secure email infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, fully customizable and that easily integrates with existing mail infrastructure.

  • Switch email infrastructure components can be deployed on-premise, hosted or hybrid

ESI is easily scaled to meet growing business requirements. Multiple connection points, web interfaces, authentication servers and Switch Gateways can be deployed side by side and load balanced to provide high availability. 

Switch Gateway enhances existing email security quickly and easily without the need to change end user behavior. Designed to integrate with anti-virus, anti-spam, archiving, and content filtering products, Switch Gateway complements network edge technology to help produce a comprehensive 21st century email security solution.

  • Switch Gateway is a server application that enforces email security policy, allowing for:
    • Switch Gateway sits on the SMTP protocol and is designed to complement existing mail infrastructure and provide seamless integration
    • Conditional encryption of outgoing email messages based on their content, author, recipients, attachments
    • Conditional automatic decryption of incoming email messages at the gateway
    • Optional AV scanning of all (or just those being encrypted/decrypted) incoming and outgoing email messages at the gateway
  • Egress Switch Server Infrastructure (ESI)
    • A number of server components externally visible as a web-service that communicates with its clients over a SOAP protocol on top of an SSL/TLS encrypted channel. The six core components can be grouped together or distributed between multiple servers depending on security and resiliency requirements
  • ESI is responsible for the following:
    • Storing, distributing and controlling access to secure message properties, keys and detailed audit data
    • Managing access restrictions applying to groups of messages based on their properties
    • Assigning and resolving policies to users, groups of users and organizational units
    • Providing a basic user web interface for self-help or accessing messages
    • Encryption and decryption of messages
    • Storage of encrypted messages

Switch Federation is an ESI feature for establishing cross-organizational relationships. It ensures that whilst storing encryption keys locally, you are able to let external parties, registered at or any other ESI, access these keys.

The end-user experience for accessing packages using Switch Federation is exactly the same as accessing packages stored on a local ESI, with no requirement for further training. In addition, there is no sacrifice of audit or revocation capabilities of the product.


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