Enhanced security for email infrastructure. Strengthen existing email security quickly and easily with automated encryption.

Automate and control the email encryption process. Enforce automatic message encryption and decryption at the email gateway.

Server infrastructure for easy security and user management. Store and control access to keys, audit data and message properties.

Assign security policies to users and groups. Manage access and control the encryption, decryption and storage of secure messages.

Customizable secure email service. Complement existing mail infrastructure by seamlessly integrating secure email and file transfer.

Hosting options for maximum choice. Switch email infrastructure components can be deployed on-premise, hosted or hybrid, with choice over hosting location.

Integrate with existing security. Use a Switch Gateway alongside anti-virus, anti-spam, archiving, and content filtering products to produce a comprehensive 21st century email security solution.

Automatically encrypt outgoing messages. Set rules to encrypt outgoing email messages based on their content, author, recipients and attachments.

Conditional decryption at the gateway. Seamless integration allows automatic decryption of incoming secure email messages.

Integrated antivirus scanning. As well as encryption, benefit from optional AV scanning of all incoming and outgoing email messages at the gateway, or just scan those being encrypted and decrypted.


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