• Egress Switch Secure Web Form is an effective mechanism for sharing sensitive information and large files between external users and organizations

When data is shared via clear text email or file transfer sites, organizations and third parties have no way to protect, audit and control sensitive data, leaving them vulnerable to data breaches. 

Hence, third parties regularly need a secure single point of contact to share or receive sensitive information, including large files, with specific users and teams within an organization.

  • Customers, partners and other third parties can use Secure Web Form to securely submit confidential information and large files from any computer or mobile device, no sign up required
  • Organizations benefit from ensuring the flow of sensitive information into their network is kept secure and tracked at all times for compliance and auditing purposes
  • Tailor each Secure Web Form to match your organization’s specific secure data sharing requirement, including the fields required to populate the form, as well as corporate branding and language
  • Protect data wherever it is

Many organizations outsource their web services to a third-party provider. If sensitive information is managed via a web interface there may be concerns about where that data is being stored externally. Using Switch Secure Web Form, organizations can encrypt and protect this information regardless of where it is stored.

  • Flexible web hosting options

Switch Secure Web Form supports flexible hosting via an organization’s own corporate site, its outsourced IT provider, or through secure third-party hosting. This helps organizations manage regulation and compliance rules in conjunction with existing IT infrastructure and cost and efficiency overheads. 

  • Full audit capabilities, including time and date reporting
  • Sophisticated data security functionality lets organizations restrict uploads by file type and size
  • Integration with AV scanners facilitates continued network-edge security

Switch Secure Web Form can also be used to populate existing workflows, including Switch Secure Workspace, or to publish information to MS Word or PDF documents, aiding efficiency by reducing the administrative overhead needed to process this data.

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