Accelerate compliance with data protection regulations. Use Secure Vault to analyze email communications, fulfil data request obligations and improve information security strategy.

Access detailed reports on sensitive data sharing. Track when sensitive information is sent by email and pinpoint data breach risks, including insider threats.

Search encrypted and plain-text content. Overcome compliance roadblocks and search across both plain-text and Egress-encrypted content for fulfilling data requests.

Enhance your information security strategy. Drill down into dates, users, security methods and keywords to understand where you need to make changes.

Comply with global regulations. Fast-track subject access request workflows for EU GDPR compliance,  as well as adherence to California AB 375, 23 NYCCRR 500 and other legislation.

Fulfil subject access requests efficiently. Search for all personal data, with easy export and redaction for effective compliance.

Comprehensive sensitive data searching. Use Secure Vault’s powerful search engine to inspect emails, meta data and even inside attachments, including Egress-encrypted content.

Export reports to share with data subjects. Easy export from Secure Vault to PDF, with the ability to redact data for security purposes. Plus, work with Egress Secure Workspace to streamline and secure the process of sharing sensitive information with data subjects.

Gain insight with intelligent e-discovery. Get an overview of your entire mail store and drill down to gain in-depth knowledge about how users are sharing and securing content.

Understand your data. View fine-grained data in a variety of informative ways, including charts and graphs that provide effective and exportable visualizations to evaluate your organization's data security.

Prevent a data breach. Shore up your data protection strategy by identifying strengths and weaknesses in how people are sharing sensitive content to reduce the risk of data breaches.

Bolster business continuity. Make it easy to carry on working even if mail servers go down, accessing emails and replying directly from Secure Vault.

Choose any storage and platform provider. Store your email data in the cloud, on-premise, or go hybrid for the best of both worlds.

Store data based on classification. Automatically store sensitive data on-premise but use cloud storage for day-to-day emails and access everything from a unified dashboard.

Organize and customize user permissions. Highly configurable role-based procedures and policies enable administrators to fully control and constrain how their users interact with unstructured email data.

Integrate with authentication tools. Benefit from single sign-on and use multi-factor authentication for additional security.

View full audit logs and access reports. Keep track of all user access to the email store, including all searches and content downloads.

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